War Zone!!!

July 27, 2015

If you polled parents with multiple children around the world, I’m sure one of the largest complaints would be fighting. And previous until just recently, I would say the fighting is a nuisance. However, in the last few weeks the fighting in my house has becoming completely intolerable. Gabby is definitely beyond annoying but Drew is aggressive and short tempered. […]

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Man’s World

July 6, 2015

It’s a man’s world. Or at least a boy’s world. Gabby is sandwiched between two brothers and most of our friends have boys. Gabby finds herself always in a situation where she is the odd man out and it is painful. It might not be so bad if she could pick up a hockey stick and slide right in with […]

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Battle of the Sexes

November 18, 2014

Yesterday we took one of Gabby’s friends out to dinner with us. The girls spent the time pretending that they were putting on makeup, jamming out to Frozen and dancing. Now THAT, I understand. The week before we took one of Drew’s friends out to dinner. The boys spent the time talking about Fantasy Football and different players. I can’t […]

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Chapter 3 of Juvenile Delinquency

October 16, 2014

I’m exhausted. And not in that stayed up too late watching trashy tv sorta way, although true. I’m exhausted from dealing with aggressive toddlers. I’m tired of trying to teach someone that barely understands English to be appropriate. I need a MAJOR nap from this chapter. Drew was an insanely aggressive toddler. Maybe it was partially because he was my […]

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Savor It

August 6, 2014

You know how the first bite of something delicious is so good and you tell yourself that you are going to try to savor each and every bite. Then sometime right before the last bite, you realize that you got caught up in eating it and didn’t truly pay attention to each and every bite and now all you have […]

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July 1, 2014

Drew calls the shots in our family. If he doesn’t like a restaurant, we never eat there again. If he wants to play something, there’s no rest until we are all participating. Gabby has had to find other ways to get her voice heard. Recently, she is the “loudest” by attacking (smothering) Noah. It’s the only real way she knows […]

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Sibling Sleepover

June 9, 2014

After one failed friend sleepover attempt, we decided that a brother/sister sleepover was a good test of sleepover prepared-ness. What night better to practice than your first night as a first grader?? Previous to bedtime, I was feeling that ONCE AGAIN sibling rivalry was a little too alive and well at our house. Noah being pulled down by Gabby while […]

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Foursome Troubles

May 22, 2014

Nothing brings me greater joy than when we are all together as our fabulous fivesome. I can’t help but feel like every time one of us is away that part of my heart is missing. That being said, there is no greater stress in the world than when my children are together. When Drew has one-on-one attention, he is a […]

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Star of the Universe

May 15, 2014

Drew is “Star of the Week” at school. He recently remarked that he wanted this week to never end. Who is this kid kidding, he’s star of the universe in our house. It’s Drew’s world that he sometimes lets us be a part of. And he has the nerve to say he always wants to be star of the week???? […]

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Mean Girl

May 14, 2014

There’s no denying my eldest is difficult. But recently it’s been the middle one who’s causing my gray hairs. As much as I wanted a girl, I think that it might in part be her gender that is making her so very hard these days. The other day I brought Gabby to the library with her friend. While we were […]

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