April 10, 2014

My kid better be the next Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson or some multi-sport playing superstar. Otherwise this chaos was all for nothing. Literally nothing because it’s certainly not for the fun of the game. What a ridiculous thought that would be. Spring has brought us to a four sport juncture. We have almost accidentally, because no parent would purposefully bring [...]

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     May 8, 2013

Check it out!!

February 21, 2014

I’m always looking for a cute, inexpensive personalized gift. I am always looking for cute personalized things that make my life easier. AND any company that offers that plus amazing customer service and attentiveness gets MY business! And with obtaining my biz, also sometimes means that I’m gonna talk them up on my blog PuttArt sells everything from birthday stickers, [...]

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The Path to Frozen Parenthood by Jamie Lasko

August 1, 2013

Since coming out of the cancer closet, I have had lots of questions about the egg retrieval process, among other things. Since babies are deliciously dear to my heart, I decided to begin my second installment on the topic. As soon as I got my diagnosis, the breast surgeon gave me a plethora of cards for all sorts of doctors [...]

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The Ambiguous Side Dish

January 21, 2014

When attending a social gathering and one says “bring a side dish,” what does that really mean? A) Throw some pasta in a bowl and call it a side dish? B) Research an elaborate, meal alternative to impress the pants off of everyone attending? C) Pickup some slaw from Whole Foods or Sunset and pay WAY too much. D) Go [...]

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Blame it on the brain…

April 9, 2014

Your brain is a discounting mechanism. It all makes sense now! I’ve been reading “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” by Maria Semple. They talk about how your brain grows accustomed to certain things; therefore dulling your original feelings for them. For instance, you get something new that you absolutely love but over time your love for that item fades because you [...]

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3 Truths

April 7, 2014

Five and three quarters years of parenting, three children, and I’m FINALLY starting to understand some hard truths to this whole parenting gig. What can I say…I’ve been a little late to the game with everything having to do with this parenthood thing. Better late than never, right? For one, I’m kinda a big deal to these people. Mom. Mama. [...]

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March 31, 2014

He may not be walking yet but we have most definitely entered the world of TROUBLE!!! Nothing is baby proofed enough for our trouble maker. Every staircase is inviting, every outlet looks lickable and every ledge is climbable. If I thought my life was relaxed and calm before, it’s taken on a WHOLE other level of NOT relaxed and NOT [...]

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March 26, 2014

Would it kill the northwest suburbs to get on the same page with spring break?! You mean to tell me that the difference of a week changes the district plans in a colossal way??? I think not. This week is Gabby’s preschool spring break and next week is Drew’s kindergarten spring break. I guess that’ll teach me not to send [...]

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Chop Liver

March 24, 2014

It’s an age old story – Dad commutes to California during the week, Dad is the children’s hero upon return. And you know what?! I’m getting pretty sick of it! I am their slave during the week. Literally slave. Definition of slave is a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them or to [...]

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Living with Three (the saga continues)

March 21, 2014

I by no means have my act together. I’d venture to say that I have my act together more than I previously have. An old sage (actually my friend who has three kids older than mine) told me that I was in the trenches and in two years I would get my life (sorta) back. I think I’m halfway there. [...]

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Third Child Issues!!!

March 18, 2014

Noah is 15 months on Thursday and completely and totally not walking. Until about a week ago I would say that he wasn’t even close to walking but the last week he’s made some real “strides” Everyone I talk to is quick to remind me that with walking comes running. Am I sure that I want him to be walking [...]

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Jerks, I tell you!!!

March 13, 2014

Sometimes my kids can be real jerks. Not just to me, but to other people. I expect them to be jerky towards me but I don’t expect them to be jerky towards nice people walking by, family members that love them or acquaintances that I’d like them to be nice to. It’s not like I’m expecting them to be politicians [...]

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Minus Four

March 11, 2014

This week Drew received a worksheet that showed he scored minus four on his ability to assess sight words. Some parents may have shredded the sheet and not looked back. Other parents might have sat him down and studied with him. Not I. Not this Supermom. I taped up that sheet on our garage door (where I tape up sight [...]

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