It’s like riding a bike…unless you don’t actually know how to in which case it’s more like advanced geometry or something equally as hard. I spent the better part of…toooooo long, trying to get Gabby (my almost 7 year old) to ride a 2 wheeler. After many deep breaths, partially due to the fact that it’s easy to get winded […]

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Three survival tips for single parents

February 11, 2016

By: Anthony Howe Raising a child for the first time is like a journey into the middle of the vast sea – full of unpredictable events, violent storms, and, sometimes, peaceful sailing. It’s difficult enough to raise a kid with a partner, however it’s a lot more difficult if you’re a single parent. Despite all the hardships, being a parent […]

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The Blame Game

January 26, 2015

I take full responsibility when my kids act like jerks. I hold myself accountable when my kids have bad listening. I blame myself when my kids misbehave. My grandma said something interesting to me yesterday. She more or less said that it’s not always all about me. Say what?!? These children are born with their own brains and personalities. They […]

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The Illusion of Relaxation

July 23, 2014

Explain to me how twenty minutes back home could undo all the hard work I put into getting to a point of relaxation (and I mean HARD work). It’s not easy to de-stress. It’s not easy to get to a point where life can move at a moderate speed, where your only responsibility is to think about yourself and hear […]

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July 16, 2014

While Noah was getting his second haircut, he was screaming bloody murder. One of the ladies exclaimed that he must not be my first because I was so calm!!!! You talking to me??? Calm??? Hmmmm Lady, I’ve decided to tell you about somethings I’m not calm about. I am not calm when my six year old, who should have aged […]

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Job Wanted

May 28, 2014

I’m hiring. A mid-level manager to deal with the details of life. I prefer to be more of a high level manager. I’d like to be less involved with the particulars. Is that possible? Drew hit me, Gabby called me poopy face, insert Noah’s scream here, etc. etc. I spend all day sorting through fights about nonsense, arguments about nothing […]

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Today’s Ideals

May 20, 2014

Recently someone asked me what my thoughts were on organic foods and television exposure with kids. My answer was short – where I started and where I am now are two separate places. What a perfect blog topic! You spend nine months (or forty weeks as the case may be) with this alien growing inside you. It’s an alien because […]

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Picture Perfect…yet again

January 7, 2014

I’d like to say I’m starting out the year more positive and more consistent. But then if I said that I would fail on both occasions. Positive…um not this blog. Consistent…I think this is my first time blogging in 2014. Doh! Good news (maybe I am positive after all) is that I am in fact blogging and even better news […]

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Vaca Rehashed

December 18, 2013

There are many things one takes away from a trip to Disney, these are just some of mine. -There is entirely no need to pack a three year old girl anything but costumes for an entire 10 day stay. -Why rent a crib when you have a stroller?!?! -Character fears set in at a very early age. -The joys of […]

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Embrace the Chaos

December 4, 2013

The other day while carting around Noah on my variety of errands, I spotted a mother with her toddler daughter doing what looked like what I was doing a year plus ago – chatting, laughing, and being silly. Tear, tear. Somehow when I wasn’t looking the tides have changed. Instead of running errands and being my right hand lady while […]

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