Dear Noah

December 20, 2016

Happy 4th birthday to my superhero loving, dinosaur devotee, car crusading little man. Your sweet, tender nature is a pleasure. Your fear of all things is hysterical and your two handed hugs are heart warming. It may seem at times that there is little room for you in this chaotic family. As the years have gone by, you have carved […]

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Dear Gabby

June 26, 2016

Six years ago you came into this world in a blink of an eye. Literally…you were born twenty minutes after I ARRIVED at the hospital. That feistiness has carried through these last six years. And although life isn’t always easy, I can very easily slip back into that day you came into this world and changed me forever. You are […]

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Dear Drew

June 8, 2015

Seven years ago when you came into this world, I had no idea what this journey of parenthood would look like. Together, hand in hand, we are combing through completely uncharted territory for the both of us. From your perspective, I think, I’m doing this like driving a car…something I learned in drivers Ed or something. The truth is most […]

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Star in the Making

March 27, 2015

Years ago I watched an Olympian accredit her success to her father encouraging her. I remember thinking how I couldn’t imagine ever encouraging my child to do something that would be very difficult to succeed. This past week was “observation” week at the place where Gabby does the majority of her extra-curricular activities. I sat through ballet and jazz, her […]

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Blame it on the brain…

April 9, 2014

Your brain is a discounting mechanism. It all makes sense now! I’ve been reading “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” by Maria Semple. They talk about how your brain grows accustomed to certain things; therefore dulling your original feelings for them. For instance, you get something new that you absolutely love but over time your love for that item fades because you […]

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Dear Noah

December 20, 2013

I’m sorry you were born into a family where you occasionally get over shadowed by the booming personalities. I’m sorry that your parents are spread thin and sometimes you don’t get enough of them. I am not sorry that you will always have forever friends built into your familial unit. I am not sorry that you are learning the dynamic […]

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Vaca Rehashed

December 18, 2013

There are many things one takes away from a trip to Disney, these are just some of mine. -There is entirely no need to pack a three year old girl anything but costumes for an entire 10 day stay. -Why rent a crib when you have a stroller?!?! -Character fears set in at a very early age. -The joys of […]

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Baby baby vs. Baby Toddler

November 21, 2013

In addition to it being my brother-in-law’s birthday yesterday (happy birthday Jeff!), it was also my youngest child’s eleven month birthday. I feel like I need to hold onto this last month of babyhood extra tight. After this, I no longer have a baby baby. I have a baby toddler. And that era, the era of babies is over. This […]

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The Life

August 8, 2013

This is THE life I always wanted. As a little girl, when I closed my eyes and dreamt of something more, something better, this is what I dreamed of. Sure, I could have more money so I could buy more things. Things? Sure, my kids could be better behaved. Sure, in my dreams I was ten pounds lighter. But essentially […]

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My Kiddos

July 26, 2013

Sometimes, usually when my kids are fast asleep, I think about how great they are. No I haven’t ingested an illegal substance or fallen off my rocker. I really think they are great. It’s no secret, raising kids is HARD. I’m exhausted all the time. Keeping everything in order is taxing in a way I can’t even articulate. Disciplining is […]

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