Slam dunk!!!

April 19, 2020

In honor of Michael Jordan’s documentary of the Bulls in the late 90s, I’d call this dinner a slam dunk! For one, everything was cooked in one baking dish. It included protein and carbs in one. Lastly, everyone ate it! Slam dunk! Hope it works in your house!   Print Dump and Bake Chicken Parmesan Author: Recipe type: Entree Prep time:  […]

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Tough Crowd

April 4, 2020

My extremely strange eaters, I’m sure most parents can relate, like weird things. Just when I think I’ve mastered what they like and don’t like, one of them comes up with a new distaste for a normally accepted cuisine! My most picky eater doesn’t like any kind of protein but LOVES fruits and vegetables – especially loves tomatoes. She won’t […]

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August 22, 2016

I have totally jumped on the bandwagon for any traditional carbohydrate in vegetable form!!! It started with spaghetti squash, transitioned to cauliflower and now I’m in the world of zucchini!!!! Thanks to the invention of Pinterest, I can easily research types of foods that interest me. I landed on this one… I’m usually opposed to anything cream-ish. I automatically think […]

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Picnic Time!!

July 7, 2016

We’ve had umpteen opportunities lately to picnic. It’s hard to think of things that kids like, that are low-fat and easy to make. It’s even harder to find things with protein. That’s why I felt the urge to share my recent best “bring along for picnics” recipe.   Print Chicken Enchilada Rollups Author: The Girl Who Ate Everything ( Recipe type: Entree […]

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Carbs are the devil!!!

May 5, 2016

Somewhere along the way, I have been conditioned into thinking carbs are the devil. Even worse – if I’m going to go down the road of enjoying carbs, I better not eat them at night!  And although I don’t religiously observe this message, I had a hearty dose of mac and cheese the other night even though I only had […]

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Passover the spinach!!!!

April 20, 2016

Guest to the Seder: What can I bring to your Passover Seder? Host: How about a vegetable dish? Guest to the Seder: OK, great! (WTF?!?!?) I have the solution to all your problems! This amazing vegetable side dish has become a fan favorite at our Seders. It’s so good that every year I say that I shouldn’t JUST make it […]

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Love me some buffalo

April 8, 2016

Adam and I enjoy anything buffalo related…except maybe the animal.  I was intrigued by this easy, healthy version.  Anyone ever try Skinnytaste’s Buffalo Cauliflower??  Amazing!!  (Click here for that)  I found a version of that at the store.  I have yet to try though.. Note:  Although my kids are generally good eaters, I would not go so far as to […]

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St. Patty’s Day Extravaganza!!!

March 17, 2016

St. Patty’s Day has always been a thing for me.  Not usually a “daughter’s in a play, family dinner” kinda thing but that’s what it has become.  I have many fond memories of tearing up Chicago in honor of St. Patrick’s Day (even though I’m not quite sure who this Saint is or why I’m celebrating him).  Any excuse for […]

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Hola Martes!!!

March 3, 2016

In some cultures, it’s a compliment to burp after the meal, right?  What’s the translation for gagging and spitting out your chewed up chicken?  Don’t make it again?  With yesterday’s blog about drama, I should be highlighting the fact that my daughter brings drama to just about everything.  I made an easy, low-fat option for our favorite Taco Tuesday.  2 […]

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Pizza + Chicken = what could be bad???

February 16, 2016

In efforts to be mom of the year (or accepting that I’ll never be but trying to get some wins where I can), I try to really do up holidays. One of which being Valentine’s Day. I get my kids a ton of those annoying little presents they love, wrap them up in color coded (based on child) wrapping paper […]

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