Mean Girl

May 14, 2014

There’s no denying my eldest is difficult. But recently it’s been the middle one who’s causing my gray hairs. As much as I wanted a girl, I think that it might in part be her gender that is making her so very hard these days.


The other day I brought Gabby to the library with her friend. While we were there, we met another three year old girl. Gabby instantly started ganging up on her and giving her attitude Mean Girls style! Is it possible that junior high mean-ness is something that girls know as early as toddler age?!? If that’s the case, then I have a longgggg road ahead!!!!

This week Gabby missed her “Gabby Day” with Grandma. She has been a major Ice Queen, and no I’m not talking about Elsa, to my mom. She has had major attitude and is exercising this Mean Girl gene toward my self-less, loving mother. And as much as I preach my distaste for her behavior, the worse it seems to get!!!

It seems like she’s the one always caught in the middle, stuck in the terrible toddlers, and suffering from Mean Girl syndrome. How can I shake my little lady of this horrific “stage” because I’m afraid that this is going to become her “place” in our family. And the more I try to encourage nice behavior, the more mean she becomes!! She looks like my sweet little girl and then she opens her mouth and Lindsay Lohan comes out. What’s a Mom to do?!?!?

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