Sibling Sleepover

June 9, 2014

After one failed friend sleepover attempt, we decided that a brother/sister sleepover was a good test of sleepover prepared-ness. What night better to practice than your first night as a first grader??

Previous to bedtime, I was feeling that ONCE AGAIN sibling rivalry was a little too alive and well at our house. Noah being pulled down by Gabby while Adam and I tried to work on walking with him. Drew jumping over Gabby to be noticed. The balancing act of making sure everyone was tended to and properly played with was intense. So many of these interactions make me feel so bad that each child doesn’t have the opportunity to have Adam and my undivided attention. Does having siblings dampen your spirit and weaken your self-esteem?!?!


The offer of a sibling sleepover was offered as a bribe for a well slept night at their grandparents’. Since they have to share a room and sleep together there (and did), they must be ready for the chance to do the same at home. Blankets were laid out, pillows propped up, and water was consumed by all. They were ready for this big endeavor (an endeavor that they virtually conquered at the gps). After many episodes of the pitter patter of little feet, they successfully fell asleep in one bed.

The concept of siblings is too enormous for my head. I have never experienced that relationship before. Much like many siblings I know, there are multifacets to their relationship. There is an insane amount of conflict (especially in these early years). But there is also an intense love for each other. It’s their first opportunity to fall in and out of love with a friend. I truly hope at the end of this roller-coaster of emotions, these two end up close (and the other one too).

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