Man’s World

July 6, 2015

It’s a man’s world. Or at least a boy’s world. Gabby is sandwiched between two brothers and most of our friends have boys. Gabby finds herself always in a situation where she is the odd man out and it is painful.

It might not be so bad if she could pick up a hockey stick and slide right in with them. To my benefit, she is as girly as they get and would need the hockey stick bedazzled or something. She then becomes the epitome of an annoying younger sister.

The only way she can get attention from these boys is if she causes a distraction to their game or nudges them. Then they act mean or inflict bodily pain which then results in a massive amount of tears. Poor Gabs.

At first I thought of these episodes as non-consequential growing pains. Then I realized that it is becoming her existence. She goes from being tormented by her brothers to being tormented by the boys at camp. She is starting to become this punching bag in life. Years ago someone mentioned how having siblings allows for children to learn social skills at home that are extremely valuable when they go out into the world. I’m afraid that the social interactions of home are defining her outside of our walls too.

Unfortunately, I have not always played the best role in this either. Most of the time I’m occupied entertaining, being with my own friends to tear myself away and give her the attention she’s crying out for. I could easily counter these negative feelings by giving her my undivided attention for at least a part of the day. But instead I find myself too consumed with my own tasks, too tired or just too lazy to give her what she needs. I feel that I have been so blessed to have my little girl and there are times I find myself thinking that life may have been easier if she were a boy…definitely not better, just easier. I’m so grateful she is exactly who she is…I just wish she had more of a space in our lives. And I guess I’m the one who is going to have to make it a priority to carve out that space for her. She deserves it.


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