Doing it for the kids

May 13, 2020

As parents, the majority of our focus is on our children and their well-being. Or is it? Is this what we convince ourselves as we allow ourselves wine for dealing with our children? Or is this what we say as we rationalize allowing our kids screen time past what we know is the appropriate amount? Is it possible that despite […]

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Suitable Programming

August 3, 2016

Back in the day when I was idealistic about being a parent (probably some time BEFORE I actually was one), I assumed that I would carefully screen every program my children were exposed to. I would carefully make sure there was no inappropriate subject matter. I would make sure that any topics that might have some level of controversy were […]

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Top 15 Things I Want for Mother’s Day

May 7, 2016

Forget flowers and presents, this is what I want for Mother’s Day. I want one day where my kids… 1. Do exactly what I say and never once say NO! (Can you imagine saying “no” when your parents asked you do to something?! I certainly can’t!) 2. Similar to the aforementioned request, when I say “put your shoes on.” PUT […]

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April 23, 2016

Disclaimer: I don’t follow all the intricacies of Passover. I pretty much just avoid bread and bread-style products. I don’t clean out my kitchen or do anything fancy. It is very important to me that my children have some basic identity with our family customs. It’s less about being dogmatic about our religion and more about passing on the rituals […]

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Enough’s Enough?

April 7, 2016

I have never been the kind of parent that says, “not my kid.”  Rather, I am the first to suspect my kid is up to no good.  Because of this, I have always been on the teacher’s side first and foremost.  Any time the teacher mentioned something my kid did (or didn’t do as the case may be) in school, […]

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NCAA gone wild!!!

March 18, 2016

You wouldn’t take an alcoholic on a bar crawl, then why would you let a child who exercises poor sportsmanship a NCAA bracket?!?? Despite not being very into sports my whole life, March Madness has always brought about a fun buzz that I’ve really gotten into. It helped going to a school like Indiana University during the Bobby Knight years. […]

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Round of Applause

February 12, 2016

To the mom making creative Pinterest valentines, I applaud you.  I applaud you because either you have a cooperative child who is happy to spend the time tying, cutting and gluing.  Or I applaud you because you have children like mine who you struggle to get to sign their names to their valentines and you STILL spent the extra time […]

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I Resign!!!

January 27, 2016

I’m ruining my kids. There, I said it. For a million reasons, I am ruining my kids. The one I’m choosing to focus on right now is that I have resigned from teaching them to be self-sufficient. We are going backwards to the days of infancy and I’m doing everything for them. Why would anyone want to do everything for […]

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Midyear Review

January 5, 2016

I like to think of January 1st as a midyear review. As everyone else is setting goals for the upcoming year, I am reassessing the goals I made for the year of 5776. When Rosh Hashana rolled around in September, I made my real resolutions for the year. January 1st is just giving me the opportunity to see how I […]

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Post-Vacation Mama

October 28, 2015

It took me exactly one week and a day to reach the place of pre-vacation. By that I mean, it took me a week and a day to reach the point of no patience, complete and utter disregard for the nonstop shenanigans. Frankly I see that as success. The problem begs that I would have to leave my children for […]

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