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By: Anthony Howe Raising a child for the first time is like a journey into the middle of the vast sea – full of unpredictable events, violent storms, and, sometimes, peaceful sailing. It’s difficult enough to raise a kid with a partner, however it’s a lot more difficult if you’re a single parent. Despite all the hardships, being a parent […]

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Does It Get Better? By Lisa Seidenberg

May 5, 2014

As I approach the eve of my son turning 6 months tomorrow I’m filled with a sense of awe and pride by how far we’ve come. It amazes me that it’s been 6 months since I heard his piercing wail for the first time while grinning ear to ear at my husband. Eyes locked in acknowledgement that our lives would […]

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The Path to Frozen Parenthood by Jamie Lasko

August 1, 2013

Since coming out of the cancer closet, I have had lots of questions about the egg retrieval process, among other things. Since babies are deliciously dear to my heart, I decided to begin my second installment on the topic. As soon as I got my diagnosis, the breast surgeon gave me a plethora of cards for all sorts of doctors […]

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The other shoe dropped, it just had nothing to do with wedding planning…by Jamie (Polakoff) Lasko

July 25, 2013

April was supposed to be our month. We both celebrate birthdays in April. We’d been on our house search and our goal was to buy something by April—plenty of time to close and move in before the wedding. Well, April was our month alright, just not remotely how we imagined… April 1st—I get the most heebie-jeebie, skin-crawly sensation in my […]

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And the winner is… (by Mara Unterberger)

July 22, 2013

I have had quite the long history with my boobs. I can remember from a young age wanting to hide them because I bloomed early. When my mom first encouraged me to wear a bra I insisted on only wearing sports bras because I felt that they weren’t really bras. Once I realized what control my boobs had over men […]

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Trayvon Martin by My Anonymously Wonderful Friend

July 17, 2013

When I was asked to write about the recent George Zimmerman verdict, I hesitated a moment. I’m not an attorney. I don’t have expertise in the law or criminal justice. I’ve not experienced violence (thank G-d), nor would I suggest that I can even begin to understand the experience of being a young black male (or a half-white-half-Latino-male for that […]

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Pornography Now Playing by Lindsay Moses

June 21, 2013

I have never considered myself to be prude. I have no problem openly discussing the birds and the bees. I don’t shy away from racy photos or videos…until one day, two months ago when I just about hurled. There we were, Ryder and I at our local Chicago Public Library. A few days earlier I had reserved some books on […]

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Evolution of the Home by Lindsay Moses

February 19, 2013

I love our apartment. I love the paint colors I chose for the walls, I love the guaranteed sunlight around noon each day and the sunset views. I love that if I stand on my balcony and flash the overhead light, my best friend can spot me from a few blocks away. And thanks to our weed smoking neighbors, I […]

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Mama Living by Lindsay Moses

February 5, 2013

I’ll preface this by saying that I have never actually blogged before. The last time I came close to “blogging” was about 20 years ago in a Minnie Mouse diary, which I kept securely hidden under my pillow. Gone are the days of writing about my latest crush and how angry I am that my mother just dumped my messy […]

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Waiting For the Other Shoe to Drop… by Jamie

October 24, 2012

For somebody with a lot on her plate who gets easily anxious and overwhelmed, I feel like I have this wedding planning thing down to a stress-free science. I seem to have subconsciously devised a plan for making every decision that has needed to be made so far– and mind you, I am one of the most indecisive people on […]

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