September 17, 2016

“Are you still blogging?” Yikes, has it really been THAT long??? Since the minute I quit my job, over five years ago, I have been sweating what the next chapter would look like. I knew that my retirement from that field didn’t mean that I’d spend the rest of my life popping bonbons and lounging. I wasn’t sure what life […]

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Failing Out

July 20, 2016

I was never a school person. In my youth, I wasn’t a good test taker. I would always study longer than most and get a worse grade then most. It’s not a lack of intelligence. Clearly you can tell from my blogs how brilliant I am ;). It’s just that some people excel at reading a textbook and taking a […]

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My Inner Superhero

July 13, 2016

It’s possible that I’ve never been busier in my life. I really have no idea if I’m coming or going most days. Between the chaos that is naturally my kids’ lives coupled with my new career, my head is constantly “spinning” and I feel like I’m neglecting something…all the time. In April, I started studying to become an indoor cycling […]

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The Art of Exercise

June 15, 2016

For anyone who thought that being an exercise teacher was just coming into a studio, cheering students on and playing cool music – I’m here to tell you that is not the case. The hours of studying, coupled with planning routines, obtaining the perfect playlist and managing the class appropriately is more than anyone (until you do it yourself) would […]

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The Next Chapter

May 19, 2016

In another life not that long ago, I had a great job. I loved that job. I was on a path. That path was going in only one direction – up. I worked hard in high school to get into a good college. I busted my butt in college to do well. I applied to every job under the sun […]

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I’m Haunted

December 2, 2015

Since I’ve been a mom, I haven’t always been a stay-at-home mom. I worked until Drew was three and Gabby was one. It was a very tough decision to quit my job. I always knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, which probably made it that much harder to work full-time while having babies, but I also loved my […]

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Career Rollercoaster

February 24, 2015

Like a bow plays the violin or better yet a well oiled machine – that’s generally speaking how Adam and I co-parent. That doesn’t mean there aren’t times where we disagree – like signing Drew up for traveling baseball tryouts or adding five minutes to a punishment. But we support each other and don’t waiver in front of our monsters. […]

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Lonely Girl

September 30, 2014

After all these months with Adam traveling pretty consistently, one would think that I’d get used to it. One would be wrong. The worst part of him traveling has to be the days before. The anticipation of him leaving is enough to do me in. It seems like the kids are extra hard in the days prior to his departure […]

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Such A Girl

February 27, 2014

I’m such a girl. I need constant appreciation and validation. I’m needy. These are all things I have fought. I wanted to believe that I was “better” than this but I was wrong. Maybe it’s the estrogen, my upbringing, etc. Whatever it is, it makes it hard for men (mainly my husband) who aren’t built that way. I guess it’s […]

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Absence makes the heart grow…

February 24, 2014

We are going on the forth consecutive week with Adam traveling for work. The first two weeks I really put my best foot forward. The second week my parents were out of town too so I had to really give it everything I had if we were going to survive. By the time week number three rolled around, I was […]

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