Adventures in Babysitting

September 11, 2013

Recently we’ve been making it a point to go out as adults on Saturday nights. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed our Saturday night movie nights or family get togethers with people in similar stations. To dust off my “nicer” clothes (you know anything WITHOUT a spit-stain or an elastic band), squeeze my feet into uncomfortably tall shoes and have […]

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She Works Hard…not for the money

May 22, 2013

Today someone mentioned to me about a position, a good position, available at her company. For a second, a solid second, I got excited at the prospect of re-entering the workforce. The thought of dressing up, engaging in adult conversation and having something to talk about besides nursing, day camp or kindergarten enrichment really inspired me. How will I ever […]

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The Value of a Dollar

April 3, 2013

Drew has a constant NEED. He needs an unbelievable amount of sports jerseys. He’s not even particular. He’ll take any team and any player. They do need to have a number on the back, which frequently adds to the price tag of his NEED. We have recently started facilitating a “Responsibility Chart” which spells out his required tasks (make bed, […]

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Constant State of Construction

March 19, 2013

My life is under construction. It’s an eighteen year, multifaceted job with several different rollouts. We are in the demolition phase. And it hurts…boy does it hurt. I’m told once they get to pour the concrete, the roads may get a little smoother. Right now, however, it is in an utter state of chaos. And although all that is true […]

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Camp Mom 2013 Edition

October 25, 2012

At some point I guess I’ll become immune to the fact that people start talking camp in October. For right now, I am sorta grateful that it lights a fire under me to figure it out before I have a new baby. It really puts a ratchet in my focus on pre-school for Gabby though. In the upcoming weeks I […]

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We’re a Costco Family

April 17, 2012

I spent six and a half years living behind Costco. I shopped there when we entertained or for a few select items but for the most part I rarely went. People would rave at the luxury of living behind Costco and I would just sigh that it’s alright. Now that I’m a family of four, my feelings have changed. It’s […]

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Show ‘Em What We’re Made Of

March 27, 2012

I come from a place where we hire. We hire someone to fix things, we hire someone to maintain things and we hire people so we don’t have to think or differentiate between the two. When Adam and I bought our first house it was new construction, so we felt at ease that major things would be in good shape. […]

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Dead Woman Walking

March 23, 2012

I always try to be a person of character. That was a strong message my mom always taught me. I may not say or do all the right things but if I try to be honest with myself and do what is right, I can never go wrong. That sometimes means stretching yourself and doing whats uncomfortable just because its […]

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Be Careful of What You Wish For

March 22, 2012

With the recent update of window treatments, I felt at ease for a solid six seconds that things were under control in our house. I felt like the list of projects was at a manageable size and I could finally take a few minutes and just enjoy my surroundings. Then it got nice outside. I guess that’s probably the problem […]

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It’s Shady

March 16, 2012

Moving into a new house that needed tons of work, window treatments fell lower down on the priority scale. The economical options for window treatments were online places (like or hardware stores (like Home Depot). Both places caused my blood pressure to rise significantly. The options were endless. When we were referred to someone who came to our house […]

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