Battle of the Sexes

November 18, 2014

Yesterday we took one of Gabby’s friends out to dinner with us. The girls spent the time pretending that they were putting on makeup, jamming out to Frozen and dancing. Now THAT, I understand. The week before we took one of Drew’s friends out to dinner. The boys spent the time talking about Fantasy Football and different players. I can’t even pretend to hang…


When the doctor explained I was having a boy, I was thrilled to be having a healthy baby. The boy part, I wasn’t sure about. And then I proceeded to have the most boyish of boys possible. I love Drew 150%, every part of him – even the contrary, difficult side because I realize that it is all part of what makes him HIM. And he’s amazing!! But I 150% don’t understand boys and cannot relate.

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When the doctor explained I was having a girl, I was thrilled to be having a healthy baby. Although the girl part was everything I always wanted, I was in the routine with a boy and wasn’t quite sure how to switch directions to a girl. What I forgot was that the girl part is completely natural for me. When I get together with my friends, I want to do their makeup and sing and dance. So the fact that that’s what Gabby and her friends want to do – I sooooo get it!

When the doctor explained that I (yet again) had a boy, I was thrilled to be having a healthy baby. I maybe cringed slightly at the thought of how the boys would have complete dominance over my house, I welcomed whatever gender with open arms since I now had one of each.

Yesterday I threw out a player’s name and my mom looked at me with a stunned look. How do YOU know a football player, a stat or anything of that nature?!?! I clearly explained that I’m a mother of two boys, I have no choice but to get with the picture. And I have. But no matter how hard I try, it’s just not my thing. I support and show interest for my boys but I’m a girly girl…plain and simple.

The thing is that I have now learned to appreciate each side of the table. When it came time for flu shots, the academy award went to Gabby. And for that, I will never understand. The unnecessary drama she brought to an otherwise uncomfortable experience will forever frustrate me. But the ability to turn any other circumstance into a creative pretend situation, now that I get.

I always believed that whatever supreme power out there only gives you what you can handle. Maybe someone up above decided that I could only handle one girl’s drama, but I’d be blessed to have the experience of having a girl. Maybe they also decided that they would challenge me with the most boyish of boys so I could prove my eternal devotion by sitting through countless sporting events. Whatever it is, I’m grateful for all three.


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