And so it starts. With both the Chicago teams having had their opening days, we are officially in baseball season. I have never been shy about my detest for this six month long season of baseball but it continually reaches larger and higher levels of pain. My son loves baseball. He doesn’t love baseball like he once LOVED and had […]

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Walk a mile in these shoes!

April 9, 2013

I recently ran into someone who just had her third kid, aged exactly the same as mine. When I asked her how it was going, I expected her to pipe in similarly to me. I expected, life is insane…it’s a wonder how I get out of the house in the morning…see this stream of spit up along my left side, […]

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The Value of a Dollar

April 3, 2013

Drew has a constant NEED. He needs an unbelievable amount of sports jerseys. He’s not even particular. He’ll take any team and any player. They do need to have a number on the back, which frequently adds to the price tag of his NEED. We have recently started facilitating a “Responsibility Chart” which spells out his required tasks (make bed, […]

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Am I failing?

March 20, 2013

She might as well have said that I’m starving my child. Tears started streaming down my face and no amount of blinks could hold back the disaster I was about to become. She asked if I had family to lean on…um, I’m leaning on them about as much as humanly possible and I still can’t pull this off!!! Those were […]

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Constant State of Construction

March 19, 2013

My life is under construction. It’s an eighteen year, multifaceted job with several different rollouts. We are in the demolition phase. And it hurts…boy does it hurt. I’m told once they get to pour the concrete, the roads may get a little smoother. Right now, however, it is in an utter state of chaos. And although all that is true […]

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Endless Tunnel

February 22, 2013

If I had anything left before, it’s official I have lost it. Awhile ago I may have said that I am losing it. Well, it’s gone…long gone as far as I’m concerned. And there’s no sign that it will ever come back. Everyone, mostly myself, is going to have to just accept that I may never again have my act […]

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The World of Underpants!

February 18, 2013

Saturday we bit the bullet and did it. We piled up all the size five diapers and trashed them. We crossed into the world of underpants without looking back. And so far the world of underpants is, well, rather shitty. With the recommendation of some of my wonderful readers (thanks guys!), we tried the “3 Day Potty Training” approach. First […]

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Reporting from HELL!!

February 15, 2013

Are five days in a row my threshold or are my kids absolute monsters? And I’d like to give the excuse that it’s harder because I have three kids now but honestly Noah has been nothing but luggage when we shuffle around town. In the early evening (a.k.a the witching hourS) is a different story but during the day, he’s […]

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Things aren’t so rosy

January 25, 2013

Well actually they are a little rosier than they should be. This morning I woke up with pink eye. Are you kidding me?!?! I didn’t even think it was possible to get pink eye unless you made contact with someone that has it! No one else in my house has it and I have been held hostage in this house […]

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Breaking Point

January 23, 2013

Five weeks apparently is my threshold. It’s hard to remember where my breaking point was with each of my other babies. For Drew, I remember leaving my six week checkup and crying so hysterically my mom left work and demanded I take a much needed nap. For Gabby, my memories are much cheerier but she was a good sleeper from […]

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