Constant State of Construction

March 19, 2013

My life is under construction. It’s an eighteen year, multifaceted job with several different rollouts. We are in the demolition phase. And it hurts…boy does it hurt. I’m told once they get to pour the concrete, the roads may get a little smoother. Right now, however, it is in an utter state of chaos.

And although all that is true from the standpoint of the family, my basement better be done WAY before that eighteen year mark! We knew when we bought a foreclosure that we’d have lots of work to do in this house. Last year was a very exciting year full of tearing stuff down, putting stuff up, etc. I felt very satisfied with our progress.

Just when some of the final bills went through and we had a lull in construction, we decided to finish our basement. No better time than shortly after having a baby, right? Guess who’s so happy about excavation going on during naptime?!? Guess who is loving having random men in and out of their house while nursing?!?! Guess who couldn’t be more thrilled about having to rush home to let people in?!?! Guess who is ecstatic about all the random things they keep adding to the cost of the project?!?! You guessed it…this girl right here 🙂

I know the day will come where I will have a day like yesterday and be able to banish my children to the basement. And to that day, I say hallelujah. But to this day, to this week…I wonder why I must constantly complicate my life! Why not throw in potty training while having a colicky newborn? Why not throw in a trip to Disney World two weeks after moving into a new house? I guess the easy road is just too easy for me.

Much like the expansion of this family and the eighteen year plan for completion of that construction, I was a visionary. I saw the big picture, the dining room table full of children. So I’m going to try very hard to see the big picture with the next month of construction. At the end of this, I will have created a lovely dungeon to send my children to when I can’t deal with them until the roads are paved.

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