Walk a mile in these shoes!

April 9, 2013

I recently ran into someone who just had her third kid, aged exactly the same as mine. When I asked her how it was going, I expected her to pipe in similarly to me. I expected, life is insane…it’s a wonder how I get out of the house in the morning…see this stream of spit up along my left side, etc etc. She had the nerve to say that things were going wonderfully! One more kid thrown into the mix is absolutely no problemo. Huh? What? Um…

Is there something missing here? Am I on Planet Mars or something? How could my experience be going SO VERY different??? If she is one of those mothers that refuses to talk about how ugly things can get in parenthood than I officially hate her.

You know what I mean, those people that just walk around with a giant smile on their faces like they actually FEEL like they’ve been blessed by having their kids and don’t just SAY they have been blessed with kids. I’m kidding so please don’t send me emails about how I need to recognize how very blessed I am because I do totally get it but it sometimes takes until they are sound asleep at night for me to FEEL that way.

Is it really possible that she is just THAT laid back and I am soooooo not?!? In which case, we should be best friends because my yin definitely could use a yang. I do, however, challenge her to be laid back when one kid poops their bed, the other is screaming while the pooper is drawing on the wall (apparently the couch wasn’t enough for her) and the eldest is having a temper tantrum. Try that on for size lady!

Could it be that her kids came out of the womb dramatically easier than mine? This is my age old struggle. Are my kids in fact harder than others or is it just my perception? My son couldn’t go with the flow if his life depended on it, I can’t imagine where he got that from. My daughter has caught a case of the terrible twos coupled with a little rage (i.e. her flare for art and a new tact for peeing in her pants when she’s not getting enough attention) over her feeling of “losing” her mother to the baby. And my baby who I thought HAD to be easy at least in comparison, has horrible colic, requires a forty-five minute feeding six times a day (no joke), and has yet to come close to sleeping through the night. Is that what she’s up against too?

You know that saying that you never know what it’s like until you walk a mile in their shoes…well, I think I’m going to take her Tory Burch’s out for a whirl.

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