Oh Summer…

July 31, 2013

Where did the summer go and how is it that a whole summer just passed me by??? I’m not talking about the weather, which certainly hasn’t helped the situation. Breaking out fleeces and rain boots doesn’t exactly exemplify summer. I want to know where our trips to the zoo went?? When did we go to the pool after dinner to […]

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The other shoe dropped, it just had nothing to do with wedding planning…by Jamie (Polakoff) Lasko

July 25, 2013

April was supposed to be our month. We both celebrate birthdays in April. We’d been on our house search and our goal was to buy something by April—plenty of time to close and move in before the wedding. Well, April was our month alright, just not remotely how we imagined… April 1st—I get the most heebie-jeebie, skin-crawly sensation in my […]

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Pornography Now Playing by Lindsay Moses

June 21, 2013

I have never considered myself to be prude. I have no problem openly discussing the birds and the bees. I don’t shy away from racy photos or videos…until one day, two months ago when I just about hurled. There we were, Ryder and I at our local Chicago Public Library. A few days earlier I had reserved some books on […]

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Crazy Lady on the Loose

June 10, 2013

My first solo mission with three torpedoes (yes, I am describing my children as missiles of mass destruction) flying directly towards me has been going pretty well. My day has been strategic to include a long morning separation where they spent hours at the gym daycare. Usually this provides solace in an otherwise anxiety filled world. Today, on the other […]

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My New Friend

June 3, 2013

To the lady who was described as having out of control kids that she cannot handle, I salute you. There’s either two ways she lives with her current situation; she is giving her kids all she has and still can’t seem to grasp her unruly children or she is at a place where she is content with the way things […]

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Inner Monsters

May 21, 2013

How is it that a cute, loving little person can turn into a wicked beast within two seconds flat? Something…let’s say like receiving the opportunity of flushing the toilet, can be so upsetting to them that they can turn into something so fierce and ferocious that they almost become unrecognizable? Do you become the parent who tries pleading. Please “so […]

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May 6, 2013

I’ve been feeling under the weather, so I went to the doc. He asked me if I ever feel stressed. WHAT?! Is it possible to NOT feel stressed? Isn’t stress a constant? It’s like someone asking if it’s ever windy in Chicago. In order for a given day to run smoothly, I must rally the troops, take inventory on what […]

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Our Norman Rockwell Painting

April 26, 2013

In the Norman Rockwell painting I envisioned my family to be, I had my beautiful children aged approximately two years a part. They would grow up with their best friends, i.e. their siblings, in tow. Family events (somehow I imagined them around an X-mas tree although we are Jewish and do not have one) were spent making lasting memories that […]

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April 23, 2013

I was with a friend over the weekend who looked at Noah and sighed that she wanted one (a baby). I told her to enjoy what she has now – freedom. Easy for me to say… This weekend marks the first of three consecutive weekends of babysitters. One would think that I would be ecstatic at the opportunity to get […]

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New Job!!!

April 11, 2013

When my kids are more grown up and I decide to re-enter the workforce, I think I know exactly what my new career should be – a negotiator. You know kinda like that movie from the 90s with Kevin Spacey and Samuel Jackson. Although I probably will be so good at that job that I will have to train fellow […]

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