Back to the Basics

April 23, 2012

Last week was a tough week. It was a storm of temper tantrums – some of which I felt that I had properly conquered and some of which I had not. Then the weekend hit. And I suddenly realized that temper tantrums are a day in the park compared to true discipline problems. It’s funny how soon I forget. At […]

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What a difference a year makes!

April 12, 2012

I’m having one of those days where it feels like the world is out to get me. Of course I’m dramatic and despite the fact that I can realize it, it doesn’t change my mood. So I decided to take a walk down memory lane to help put in perspective how good I really have it. Unfortunately the blog that […]

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Embrace the Mantra

January 23, 2012

I’ve been raised with this impending doom feeling hanging over my head. My mom is not to blame for this mentality. It’s more like a cultural thing. Maybe its from being a part of a religion that was repeatedly persecuted for their beliefs. Maybe somehow being neurotic is an inheritable trait. Either way I come from long lineage of insane […]

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January 20, 2012

It’s that lovely time of year where people are starting to get out of dodge. It is frigid one moment or snowy and slushy the next. Either way, it’s miserable. And frankly the weather is just the least of it. I think I may need a vacation from my children. Surprisingly Drew has been doing a little better. All it […]

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Monster Man

January 11, 2012

Since we have been back from winter break, I have been so strict. Frankly, I have made Stalin look like a nice flexible guy. I have been so strict that I barely have even enjoyed my eldest child. Every moment of conversation dedicated to good behavior mantras…keep your hands on your own body, listen to teachers, use nice words, etc […]

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Is our schedule our downfall?

January 9, 2012

I’m a routine kinda girl. I like a schedule. Even if life doesn’t encourage a particular schedule I find myself naturally falling into one. That aspect of my personality, coupled with an inability to properly sit still, makes for a very active life. Everything I’ve always read has said that kids thrive in a structured routine life. And definitely having […]

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I think my husband is going to divorce me…

November 22, 2011

On my first and only, to date, full day of packing, I made a critical error. Let’s talk about what I define as critical. Spilling bleach on a box full of clothes would potentially be considered critical. Setting fire to a location in one’s home would also be considered critical. Do you see the severity of the word critical in […]

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Camp Mom

October 20, 2011

It’s middle of October so what is everyone talking about, thinking about and preparing for? For camp! Insanity if you ask me. It seems so hard to believe that we need to make plans for June in October. I do know that before I know it, June will be here. Where will Drew go to camp? It’s a tough one. […]

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Kids Are Challenging

October 3, 2011

Have you ever noticed how each stage of a child’s life brings different challenges. I have gone through so many of the typical and not-so-typical 0-3yr challenges. Of course the spectrum of challenges only increases as they get older. It seems like the bigger they are, the bigger the challenges. Gabby started out as my easy child. It wasn’t too […]

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Mommy’s having a meltdown

September 22, 2011

Maybe today was not the day to be giving up coffee. It’s also quite possible that I’m an over-dramatic, hormonal person. Either way you look at it, today was not a good day. It was a very dark day in the land of parenting. It was so dark, getting my job back may not be sufficient. It may take running […]

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