It’s Shady

March 16, 2012

Moving into a new house that needed tons of work, window treatments fell lower down on the priority scale. The economical options for window treatments were online places (like or hardware stores (like Home Depot). Both places caused my blood pressure to rise significantly. The options were endless. When we were referred to someone who came to our house and gave us feedback, I was excited but nervous that it was outside our budget. Well, they were outside our budget but the value in what Robin Byk provided made it more than worth it. She offered so many key points to window treatments that I would have not thought about if she hadn’t brought them up to us. So we saved up and got exactly what she suggested. And I LOVE THEM!!!

Special thanks to Inuwindows, Robin Byk, for making all this beauty come to life!!!!

We did three Roman Shades.

Our kitchen and dining room have woven wood Roman Shades. They are very close to each other so it was important to me that they mesh but not match.

Our bedroom has a fabric Roman Shade. I didn’t want the window treatment to blend right into the walls. So it grasped a little of the wall coloring but mostly picked up the colors of our dark wood furniture.

In our family room, we had sliding panels installed. Our family room has a variety of different browns, including a grainy rug and a brown multi-colored fireplace. The panels match the walls beautifully and pick up the other brown shades. It’s a more unique style window treatment and everyone seems to comment on these.

I had previously expected that window treatments were mostly for blocking out sun and allowing for privacy. I didn’t expect that it would change the whole look of our rooms, for the better. I’m thrilled with how they turned out!!! Thanks again Robin!!!

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