We’re a Costco Family

April 17, 2012

I spent six and a half years living behind Costco. I shopped there when we entertained or for a few select items but for the most part I rarely went. People would rave at the luxury of living behind Costco and I would just sigh that it’s alright. Now that I’m a family of four, my feelings have changed.

It’s unbelievable how amazing it is shopping at a place where you can buy things that last longer than a week. This was a concept that never resonated, even after Drew. Yeah they had diapers, wipes and formula that came in handy. But who is going to need two massive tubs of peanut butter and how would I store it? Modern day me, that’s who!!! And now with the recent addition of our wonderful freezer, I’m able to stock up on all the Mickey Mouse chicken fingers, organic frozen broccoli and massive containers of ground turkey.

I used to think of warehouse shopping as a cost efficient place to fill up on a frozen appetizers, containers of bottled beverages or essential paper goods. Costco, on the other hand, has so many upscale, high quality items. They have a large organic selection. They have an abundance of unique specialty items too. They also have an amazing amount of quality home goods type stuff. I constantly leave surprised at what I can find there!

The only problem with Costco is that I can’t help leaving without spending several hundreds of dollars. I almost feel that I need to avoid it at times because I can’t be trusted. Most times I leave with helpful, necessary items but more of them than I came for. It’s not that it won’t go to good use, its that it makes budgeting even more of a challenge!

In my younger years I couldn’t visualize what it would be like to be a Costco family. But now that I have four mouths to feed and four people going through all the goods of our house, I’m grateful I have a place to get it all for them. Frees up time for me to go to the gym, cook or blog…which makes Mama very happy 🙂

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