I think my husband is going to divorce me…

November 22, 2011

On my first and only, to date, full day of packing, I made a critical error. Let’s talk about what I define as critical. Spilling bleach on a box full of clothes would potentially be considered critical. Setting fire to a location in one’s home would also be considered critical. Do you see the severity of the word critical in this context?

Let me preface my tale with a brief history of our recent circumstances with our renovation. Painting is hugely underway and looking great. Today marks the first day of the wood floors being refinished. We are deep in the trenches of plumbing issues being resolved. All in all everything is going smoothly…

We decided at this juncture to refinish the wood cabinets. I chose an edgy gray which I thought might add some style to our kitchen. After sanding, coating and painting efforts were full force, I decided that I hated…HATED the color. The gray turned into more of a blue shade that clashed with the green color of the kitchen. Ooops.

New refinishing materials were purchased and Adam was back at the drawing board for the cabinetry. He was clearly not pleased with me but I stood my ground that although I could have made a better choice, we should not have to settle with bad cabinets as a result. And he was only a few cabinets into the actual color so it was a perfect time to switch. I thought that circumstance was bad.

Now I’m deep into the packing efforts when my mom tells me that she has to bring the kids back. So I urgently bring all the boxes down to the basement. Each weighing two ton. My back was killing, my heart was racing and I was sweating from running around. I finally got everything situated for the kids and decided to start on my normal tasks of laundry. I started to wash some hand washables in my bathroom sink when I realize that I packed my upstairs stash of detergent and proceed to run downstairs to get more.

Somewhere along the way through a sea of things to do I got side tracked and left the upstairs sink running. When I finally caught up with my error, it had been overflowing for about twenty minutes. It flooded the upstairs bathroom, into Drew’s closet and into the hallway. It proceeded to trickle down through three levels of house ultimately dripping on our car in the garage. There is now damage to our carpeting, vanity and 2nd floor ceiling.

The feeling I have in my stomach and gut is so miserable. Everyone has said it all to me. It’s not life or death, true but still a disaster. It’s a good thing it didn’t happen in your new house, true but it’s not like I sold this house so it’s still my problem. You are under so much pressure it was an honest mistake, true but some people have to fret feeding their children and they manage to keep their water in their sinks.

So now I’m stuck managing yet another project, getting the damage repaired. And with my birthday ahead, it looks like repairing my little episode becomes my birthday gift. Happy Birthday to me 🙁

3 thoughts on “I think my husband is going to divorce me…

  1. I’ve done way stupider things, if that makes you feel any better. How’s leaving one’s wallet with every piece of identification, credit cards and considerable cash on top of the car while getting gas and driving away, never to retrieve that baby again? If you need more examples to make you feel better, just give me a call!!

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