March 2, 2016

I don’t think I should have ever had kids. I don’t have the stomach for it. Putting aside all the stress us parents have in actually raising suitable human beings to set loose on the world, I can’t seem to handle the growing pains my kids are experiencing out in the general world. If I can’t handle it in kindergarten […]

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Household Problem

February 23, 2016

My littlest child has been my easiest child to co-exist with. I always thought he was a gift from the heavens declaring that it’s impossible for someone to have THREE difficult children. I thanked my lucky stars. And frankly I have felt that there’s no room for my brain to focus on anymore shenanigans because the others occupy all of […]

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You Can’t Go Home

February 19, 2016

In the 50s, my mom grew up in a neighborhood that paralleled many communities in suburbia. The tides changed in their community in the late 60s/early 70s and everyone moved away. For a child who left for college, it was pretty traumatic not being able to actually come home. My mom and her peers from her community have felt an […]

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Round of Applause

February 12, 2016

To the mom making creative Pinterest valentines, I applaud you.  I applaud you because either you have a cooperative child who is happy to spend the time tying, cutting and gluing.  Or I applaud you because you have children like mine who you struggle to get to sign their names to their valentines and you STILL spent the extra time […]

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Fun and Games

February 1, 2016

The person who created the expression “it’s only fun and games,” clearly never played games with my children. Definitely not fun. Making every effort to reduce the amount of screen time my children are exposed to, I encouraged playing a game. It resulted in multiple people crying, several suffering ailments as a result and I walked away feeling completely defeated. […]

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I Resign!!!

January 27, 2016

I’m ruining my kids. There, I said it. For a million reasons, I am ruining my kids. The one I’m choosing to focus on right now is that I have resigned from teaching them to be self-sufficient. We are going backwards to the days of infancy and I’m doing everything for them. Why would anyone want to do everything for […]

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All you need is some magic!

January 22, 2016

There are few things more exciting than Disney World. New puppies, Christmas morning, sleepover parties…all might rival but my kids aren’t getting those so it’s Disney! In days prior everyone kept asking me if I was excited. I looked at them like they were crazy. It’s not that I haven’t been touched by the magic of Disney before (this was […]

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Midyear Review

January 5, 2016

I like to think of January 1st as a midyear review. As everyone else is setting goals for the upcoming year, I am reassessing the goals I made for the year of 5776. When Rosh Hashana rolled around in September, I made my real resolutions for the year. January 1st is just giving me the opportunity to see how I […]

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RIP Winter Break

January 1, 2016

The week before break, I was literally clicking my heels together at the prospect of two weeks of nothing. I was done packing lunches, I was over filling water bottles, and I was sick of doing homework. I envisioned lazy, slow mornings. I dreamt about fun family activities. I pictured snuggling up to movie nights. Fast forward to the last […]

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Dear Noah

December 20, 2015

How is it possible that my baby is 3 years old?!?!  Even though it was only a mere three years ago that we were a family of four, I can’t imagine life without you. In these short/long three years you have made your mark on the world, on our family, on my heart. You may be more big boy than […]

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