Dear Gabby

June 26, 2018

8 years ago today you entered the world at expedited speeds. It’s been a complete whirlwind ever since. Whether you’re flipping around the house or dancing and singing, you provide an energy that makes our lives together even better. In a boy’s world, you are my shining girl light. You are always my little buddy – getting manicures together, helping out at my work events or having Fuller House marathons snuggled up, I wouldn’t trade you or our relationship for anything in the world.

This past year has been tremendous for you. To see you work so hard in school to conquer reading and writing has been so impressive. The growth that you’ve had has been enormous and everyone who works with you is blown away. As a parent, we always want our children to have easy, successful lives. But most of the time those two components don’t go hand in hand. With success comes hard work. You have learned that at a young age but I think your drive and motivation will continue to propel you towards success in your life!

I can talk about how hard you work in school, how you have an infectious positive attitude or how I love hanging out with you but my favorite part of you is how well you slide into any situation. We could be with adults or kids and either group will be in love with you in five minutes flat. You make friends everywhere we go, you’re warm and friendly and so extremely likable. I feel confident that this part of your personality will always lead you down a good path.

This summer brings a new dynamic to our family. You will spend four weeks as the oldest child in our house. You will have the opportunity to be the leader. I hope with this new short term dynamic that you will learn to lead by positive example – being a good friend and sister to your younger brother. I hope that the opportunity to do the things that you like and interest you will give you a stronger sense of self. I hope that the opportunity to have more of our attention makes you feel more secure and less competitive with your brothers. You are a very important person to this family and we love you more than anything.

Watching the three of you get on the camp bus and sit together provides me reassurance that you do find comfort in each other as a support system.
And as we enter a new school year, with all three of you in one building, my heart swells at the thought of you all having each other there. I hope you always find some common ground with your brothers that reassures you.

Happy birthday to my special little girl. I love you so much!

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