Five? How did that happen?

December 20, 2017

I blinked and my bonus baby turned five. This time I was going to pay more attention. This time around I was going to celebrate every milestone because this was my last time. Low and behold five years flew by and I feel like I blinked and my baby is no longer a baby.

To my dearest Noah, your life has often felt like it was mushed in with sports games, dance recitals and being dragged to all the things that represent and celebrate your siblings. I have felt guilty and sad that you were born into a situation that often put you in the background. As these five years have passed, you have turned into one of the most easy going, happy, grateful by all the little things kinda kids. And in some ways, I feel that the older two who have seemed to grow up thinking they are always going to be the center of the universe, are at a disadvantage to you!

You seem to still possess a tender baby-ish state. Maybe in part because I’m unwilling to accept that you will ever stop being MY BABY. But partly because you seem to have a sensitivity (and not just to mascots), a sweet side that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. As you come into your own more and more each day, I see you redefine that sensitivity in a more mature way. I expect some day, G-d willing, you will be an extremely sensitive caring man and for that…I must actually be doing something right!

On this day where you turn five, I hope you are able to settle in your role (at least for the day) as the main act. I hope your day is full of all things sports, superheroes, and imagination – even if it started today with a very elaborate hour of Barbies. I pray that you are always able to slide into every situation with ease and grace but that you find your voice as someone that deserves to be heard even if you aren’t the loudest. I hope that you are rewarded in life by approaching everything with your tender nature and mild manner. And I wish that today, your day, can be mostly about YOU and your brother and sister can sit on the sidelines and celebrate you. Ok, maybe everything isn’t possible. Most of all, though, I want you to feel confident that you are growing up in a home full of love and respect for exactly who you are. Happy 5th Noah!

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