Quarantine Living

March 25, 2020

There’s something about the direction my family has been going in over the last few months specifically, maybe year or so if I’m being honest with myself. Our life has seemed to get faster. There are more activities than I’m comfortable with, there are more distractions than ever before and there is never enough time in any given day!

Monday early morning until late Sunday night it’s “try and squeeze everything about into every minute.” And it’s exhausting. Above all, though, I recently looked over at my first born and realized he is a second away from a teenager. A teenager!!! He was my baby three seconds ago so I’m not sure how this happened. Life seems to be going by at record speeds and I’m too busy to even notice.

Then the world gets thrown off it’s axis and this pandemic has shaken up everything we ever thought we knew. There’s so much uncertainty and worry. The fear of the sickness is almost as grandiose as the concern about the financial and economical implications. And the media isn’t helping that nervous nelly voice in the back of my head. All of this is awful and I, by no means, want to minimize that.

My days have been spent sleeping in. Yeah, we all are! Or maybe not sleeping in but not jumping out of bed and getting ready like it’s an Olympic speed sport. I’m able to make a healthy breakfast for my kids and me rather than shoveling food in our mouths while screaming at them to get their shoes on. At lunchtime, my hubs pauses working to have lunch and we all eat together in the middle of the day!!! I’ve been making more elaborate recipes for dinner since I actually have time to prepare something rather than slapping pasta sauce and noodles together and calling it a meal! Not to mention that we were getting to the point where we barely had meals together with everyone’s schedules. We get 2-3 meals a day as a family!

Let’s be honest, pressure is high in these parts. I’m walking a tightrope everyday dealing with these monsters. I play judge and jury to whoever is slinging the most mud at each other. I’m juggling strong personalities and anxiety ridden children. But in between wanting to kill them all, there’s a moment where I look around and think that this isn’t half bad. When in our normal life would I have the time to do a puzzle with my daughter? Never!

I wouldn’t ever choose this quarantine life style. I desperately miss my extended family, my friends, my LTF family and being in the club. I feel blessed to have the opportunity in the chaos of our life to pause and hang out with my kids and live a less complicated life for a while. Keep in mind I haven’t made it 2 weeks yet. I’m sure it’ll get old real fast 😊

4 thoughts on “Quarantine Living

  1. Omgosh I just love you. This is fantastic and so are you. I am so happy you have found such positivity in all of this. Your family is very lucky to have you! But seriously if you don’t come back to work I will diiiiieeeee!

  2. Heli,
    I so enjoyed reading this. I still remember you as a fourth grader. You were so bright and confident. I knew you’d make a wonderful life for yourself. You have clearly proved that with you beautiful family and career. May we all see brighter days ahead. Enjoy the slow pace of life with your family and may we all stay clear from the demon.
    Ellen Trauten

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