Dear Drew

June 12, 2018

How is it possible that my first born baby is double digits? I’ve been a mom for a whole decade?
Impossible. For as hard as that may be to wrap my head around, it’s almost even more difficult to
remember a life without my precious baby boy. As this day has been looming, I’ve gone back and
looked at videos and pictures documenting all the different stages of your life. And those early days
when I had little babies and a very rambunctious little Drew seemed like they were days that were going
to last forever. It was unimaginable that someday you’d be a strong student, a hard working baseball
player and a compassionate older brother (sometimes at least). It seemed like I was going to be battling temper tantrums, ants in your pants and sibling fights forever. And although the sibling fights may never subside, you’ve really blossomed into a special person.

Watching you this past house baseball season, observing you rally your team in chants, mentoring
younger children and rooting everyone on was a real testimony to your character. Seeing your
motivation to work hard, get a good night’s sleep and apply yourself to your MAP tests just proved that
the sky is the limit for you as a student and career person to come. Witnessing you console Noah and
teach him how to navigate a camp bus, maneuver the Wilmot halls and throw a ball has been

I know you often feel that I’m hard on you, that I don’t cut you enough slack and I’m too strict. It’s only because I want the very best for you. And sometimes faced with your stubborn, know what you want
attitude; I want to fit you into the mold I have for you. That same drive you have that knows exactly
what you want and when you want it will make you very successful in life. Perhaps it’s even like looking into the mirror and facing some of the parts of my own personality. But I know that attitude is going to put you on a path to achieve everything you want in this world.

As we embark on four weeks apart, which is by far the longest we’ve ever been separated, my wish for
you is that you navigate this next chapter with a strong sense of what you know to be right, never
suppress the natural spirit you have and exercise the ability to keep an open mind to new experiences
that will enrich your life. I have always felt so fortunate to be able to experience your life front row. I’m sad that I will have to take a back seat on this next journey for you. I feel confident that this is an important time and you will come back with a stronger sense of self (hopefully not too strong) and the world past our front door.

Happy Double Digits to the man who made me a mom. I love you so much!

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