Holy Cow

September 20, 2012

Take me out to the ball game… Playing hooky today at the Cubs game 🙂

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It’s supposed to be fun

September 19, 2012

It’s not going as anticipated. It’s not that the skill set isn’t there…exactly. Drew clearly has a passion, or obsession, for baseball which he would happily practice for hours. Team sports, team engagement, strategy of a game like soccer is a whole different ball game. Drew doesn’t quite realize how very frustrating it is to watch his games, last Sunday […]

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Bachelor Party Shenanigans

September 14, 2012

Bachelor parties are an age old tradition usually consisting of too much booze and (as much as many of us would like to not think about) women taking off their clothes. When Adam asked me if he could go to his friend’s bachelor party (not asking looking for permission, rather asking to make sure it worked for our schedule), I […]

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Terrific Two!

September 12, 2012

Gabby is at that in between age. She’s a little young to start school but a little old to not be in school. So instead I decided to get her into a few classes that will allow her to exercise her desire for programming. Friday she started her class at Drew’s school. Gabby is one of those kids that doesn’t […]

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Someone’s Got a Boo-Boo

September 10, 2012

Not sure if you heard the news, but Gabby has a boo-boo. Nobody’s quite sure how it happened, or what the boo-boo really is but it for surely requires a Princess (a.k.a “Ya-ya) bandaid. It needs to be placed just under her chin, ironically in the exact same spot Drew just got stitches. Hm… Friday night started out like an […]

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I just can’t get it right!

September 7, 2012

This morning we were headed for catastrophe. It was almost as if we were walking down the center of a highway with a giant truck coming directly at us. Even as the truck got closer, I was immobilized to move out of his way and I couldn’t get to the sidewalk. Today was the first of Gabby and my Tot […]

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Bring on the Details!

September 4, 2012

“Good.” “Yes.” “No.” Well that sums up Drew’s first day of school! The anticipation beforehand was in wearing his new super cool backpack. Once the thrill of that was over, the dread set in. It’s interesting because every time we spoke about it, he didn’t seem to think twice about it. He’s only been away from the establishment for two […]

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She’s got a way about her…

August 31, 2012

Drew recently had a play date with a friend who chronically appears to have a stronger affection for Gabby than Drew. Of course as this friend shows his fondness for Gabby, Drew gets possessive and WAY more in love with his sister than normal. He also seems to get upset that his friend doesn’t feel that way for him. At […]

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Soccer Mom

August 28, 2012

And so it begins our round the world experience to as many sports as possible. Although I’m afraid that this will only mean that I will forever be the Queen of Shlep, Mommy chauffeur, or Carpool Goddess, I’m still committed to trying to encourage Drew’s many interests. This weekend marked the first of our life in soccer, and I’m officially […]

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Question King

August 1, 2012

Drew, like many other four year olds, has become even more full of questions. Why? Where? How? And although it gets annoying at times, he is also a little sponge and he’s trying to figure everything out. I can’t help but want to come up with the best answers to help educate him. Since being asked to be a ring […]

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