Bachelor Party Shenanigans

September 14, 2012

Bachelor parties are an age old tradition usually consisting of too much booze and (as much as many of us would like to not think about) women taking off their clothes. When Adam asked me if he could go to his friend’s bachelor party (not asking looking for permission, rather asking to make sure it worked for our schedule), I figured it was what it was and gave the go ahead.

Tomorrow morning Adam will leave our house around 5am to drive four hours, to canoe six hours, to camp out and then G-d willing return home the next evening. Why does the idea of my husband potentially risking his life in this outdoor outing, leaving our family for almost 48 hours and forcing me to be the only adult in charge for WAY TOO LONG make me wish he was going to a bar with some strippers?!?! What ever happened to good ‘ole fashioned bachelor party shenanigans?!?!

So let’s address each issue with its proper intensity. First of all, I am pregnant with our third child. Which means that in the not too distant future I will have three children under the age of five to care for. The importance of this is that I don’t just want Adam back in one piece, I NEED HIM!!!!!!! He reminds me that he has a life insurance policy. Despite what my wonderful insurance agent would like me to think and odd coming from me, he’s worth so much more than money. Least of all, he’s an extra pair of hands 🙂

Long ago I nicely explained that he no longer has the option to do wild things. Things like sky diving, motorcycling, bungee jumping, etc. etc. became thrills that he was not going to be able to participate in. In a world where accidents happen every day, bad things happen to good people, and there are dangers everywhere, he is not ALLOWED to do this now that we NEED and WANT him around! One might not categorize an innocent camping trip in this grouping, but Adam couldn’t set up the tent in our backyard for Drew. For someone who defines the great outdoors as a round of golf, this is a BIG deal!

Now let’s discuss what my next 48 hours look like – run here, juggle this, clean this dirty tush, defuse this temper tantrum… Sounds a lot like my Monday thru Friday but at least during the week I have the reprieve in the evening when Adam comes home. So after making it through a long, exhausting week, my reward is some laundry? Bath time? Cooking dinner? Oh Adam, you spoil me.

The reality of it all is that Adam asks very little of me. He lets me escape to do dinner with my friends (rarely but it does happen), he allows my OCD requirements around the house, and he is a very hands on Dad who helps with everything. It’s only fair that I reciprocate and let him occasionally have his things, even if I completely don’t understand why this would be his thing!

Adam, you better come back in one piece and have lots of fun. But this blog doesn’t mean that you won’t suffer the wrath of a very unhappy wife, it just means that I’m willing to deal with it 🙂

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