Bring on the Details!

September 4, 2012




Well that sums up Drew’s first day of school! The anticipation beforehand was in wearing his new super cool backpack.

Once the thrill of that was over, the dread set in.

It’s interesting because every time we spoke about it, he didn’t seem to think twice about it. He’s only been away from the establishment for two weeks, yet the minute our feet touched the cement he wanted to go home.

Fortunately his best friend arrived minutes after we did and that propelled his feet forward toward the classroom.

Once we got there he was pretty well accustomed to the routine even though it was a new classroom, new teachers and few extra kids. He barely even said goodbye and he ran off with his friend. Phew…school will be good.

His face lit up as we ventured down the hallway in our normal post school patterns. And that was that. That’s it? I drilled him during our ride home and at lunch. He provided a few minor, minor details (a few that were clearly fabricated) but that was his big 2.5 hour day as a pre-k, last year of preschool.

I’m getting visions of high school conversations. All of which consist of one letter answers and give me no insight into his day. My normal ever so chatty child is suddenly mute when it comes to the details of school. Should I just take the fact that he wasn’t in handcuffs when I arrived as a sign of success? Is it safe to assume that the teachers gave them a light day to ease them back and it’s not until handwriting without tears rears its head that the challenges will start? Or does the fact that he is now 4 mean that he will be more mature and ready to handle school better?

What happens when he is 16 and going to school? Is the only way I’ll get feedback if I wait outside each of his classrooms to drill the teachers? After one of his sporting events, he can’t stop talking about the goals he scored…even if one happened outside the actual game. I can never hear the end of it with whatever stellar sport move he made. When it comes to the nitty gritty, the meat and potatoes, I get nothing!

Well whatever the reason is, I think I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. There were no complaints from the teachers. Drew was clearly not complaining. And I survived to tell the tale. Success. Hopefully this year will be good to us 🙂

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