Terrific Two!

September 12, 2012

Gabby is at that in between age. She’s a little young to start school but a little old to not be in school. So instead I decided to get her into a few classes that will allow her to exercise her desire for programming.

Friday she started her class at Drew’s school. Gabby is one of those kids that doesn’t need any encouragement to participate in songs, story time, hand motions, art projects, etc. She is just waiting for the go ahead to shake her booty or escape in some great book. This may just be another example of how I totally get her.

Monday she started a “Terrific Twos” class. She epitomizes a terrific two. Don’t get me wrong, the stubbornness that comes with being two is extremely frustrating. I would have been a-ok if she was the first child to never experience a temper tantrum. And I will never understand that “Gabby do” is only appropriate to the things I want to do for her, yet “Mommy do” is an annoyingly repeatable phrase that occurs when the task is something wonderful like clean up. Gabby, however, is totally into all the activities that a two year old little girl should be.

Did someone say parachute??? She loves it! Dancing around with scarfs? Dream come true! Songs with hand motions and jumping? Bring it on! Class ending with bubbles? What honestly could be any better?!?! There were definitely some kids that were ambivalent about the activities, more into some of the activities than others, or clingy to their caregivers. Not Gabby though!

Gabby is supposed to have dance class on Wednesdays, but it has been temporarily postponed because of teacher issues. It doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been perfecting her spin, her plie or her leaps. She has overnight become the definition of a two year old girl. And for better or worse, I love it!

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