Inner Monsters

May 21, 2013

How is it that a cute, loving little person can turn into a wicked beast within two seconds flat? Something…let’s say like receiving the opportunity of flushing the toilet, can be so upsetting to them that they can turn into something so fierce and ferocious that they almost become unrecognizable?

Do you become the parent who tries pleading. Please “so and so” do it for Mommy. Scrape yourself off the nasty floor that you are spreading your body across, swallow those gobs of tears and just deal with the fact that I’m not allowing you to have chips when you did not eat your dinner.

Or do you become the parent that is above it all. Just go about your business, pretend like there is not a scene from Terminator going on right before your eyes. I’m sure all the other onlookers will appreciate the fact that you can so easily tune out the screaming flailing child.

Or do you find yourself becoming the parent that we read about in storybooks. That parent that has no problem removing that child even if it means not finishing your meal, leaving your cart without making those purchases or ending a family outing abruptly. And even if you can muster up the strength to make that bold move – how do you handle those other children whose meals are incomplete, whose soccer team snack is in that cart or whose been waiting all day to have their face painted?

I’m developing a story book, rather a horror non-fiction novel, of temper tantrums. It may even come complete with illustrations, although not appropriate for those with a faint heart. The only thing that rivals the beasts that my children become in a temper tantrum is the beast I become in dealing with it. In my time – I have held the door of their rooms shut while they pull with all their might, I have left a child in the car while they screamed it out and I hid on the outside waiting, and I have carried my fair share of kiddos out of the environment.

Tonight I looked at my blissful five month old. He was smiling and giggling and providing me with such joy. I looked into those beautiful baby blues and I just knew that at some point he too will turn into one of those split personality beasts. I started to shake a little bit…

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