Oh Summer…

July 31, 2013

Where did the summer go and how is it that a whole summer just passed me by???

I’m not talking about the weather, which certainly hasn’t helped the situation. Breaking out fleeces and rain boots doesn’t exactly exemplify summer.

I want to know where our trips to the zoo went?? When did we go to the pool after dinner to soak up some more of the summer day?? Where was I when our pool bag lived in my car from perpetual use??

The truth is that we are over scheduled. Nothing new but it’s catching up to me now that school is knocking on the door, I haven’t seen “80s and sunny” in days and my skin pigmentation is registering in the negative numbers.

My eldest goes to camp five full days and my middle goes three. In between that we’ve spent evenings at t-ball games, wedding hopping on weekends and recovering from long camp days/long work commutes.

As I look through catalogs of back to school wear and shop for end of camp presents, I find myself frustrated that summer slipped away from me. I let the routine suck me in and spit me out in August.

I pledge to let August be summer. I’m going to force us to put aside laundry and dishes for bike rides and afternoon park visits. Before I know it, we’ll be even more over scheduled in the world of fall with a KINDERGARDENER and PRESCHOOLER in tow!!!!! I’m gonna hang onto summer by the skin of my teeth!!!!

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