The Saga of Snuggles

January 20, 2014

Snuggles, the germ infested, stuffed classroom mascot was almost a goner. After putting a price on his safely recovered head, he was recovered before it was necessary to make the kindergarten teacher aware of his absence. Instead of taking accountability, I blame two groups… 1) The parents before me that have been in possession of this primate. Instead of including […]

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January 17, 2014

When Friday finally rolls around, I am never holding on tightly to the previous week. I am most certainly not pushing away the weekend. And this week is absolutely no exception to that. I have spent this week sick as a dog. I long for the days of calling in sick and sending my children to their daycare providers. If […]

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Ode to the baby who never gets his naps

January 15, 2014

Why oh why is my baby always crabby??? It couldn’t be because his morning nap was stifled from preschool pickup?!?! It couldn’t be because his afternoon nap lasted a total of five minutes in the car ride over to kindergarten!!?? Why, please tell me, could such a beautiful, happy baby boy become a tyrant around 6pm?!?! The saga of the […]

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Music Man

January 14, 2014

As much as I detest crawling and the stage where the outlet becomes so exciting that no matter how many times an authority figure pulls the child away from it, they find their way back. There are many things about this same stage that I absolutely love. One of the major milestones my children have each progressed through, was music […]

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Break is overrated

January 9, 2014

I blogged just a few short days ago of my reluctance to getting back on schedule (read that here). To that blog I say…why???? Why would I not be elated to get back into our structure? My kids seem to thrive in a predetermined plan full of all the things they enjoy. Downtime is filled with complaints- too much screen […]

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Dare I say, we’re in a rhythm?!

January 8, 2014

I’ve been known to say that it took me a solid 3-6 months to get the whole baby thing the first time around. It then took me approximately a year (mind you I worked full time so I’d venture to say I was able to avoid handling the balancing act by myself) to manage two kids together. I realize that […]

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Picture Perfect…yet again

January 7, 2014

I’d like to say I’m starting out the year more positive and more consistent. But then if I said that I would fail on both occasions. Positive…um not this blog. Consistent…I think this is my first time blogging in 2014. Doh! Good news (maybe I am positive after all) is that I am in fact blogging and even better news […]

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Break From Normal

January 3, 2014

Just a mere two weeks ago, I was sweating it. Two weeks without structure, without a schedule. I didn’t think we had enough play dates scheduled. I was concerned that we’d spend our entire two weeks shuffling between the gym and our house, completely stir crazy. Boy, was I wrong. Low and behold Adam’s entire office shut down. Coming off […]

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Birthday Bash

December 23, 2013

I’ve spent my whole life in the background over shined by two incredibly outspoken beings and NOW on a day where teeth are sprouting out left and right, boogers are pouring out of my nose and you are introducing me to new foods with different consistencies every meal…you expect me to perform as the star of the show?!?! These people […]

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Dear Noah

December 20, 2013

I’m sorry you were born into a family where you occasionally get over shadowed by the booming personalities. I’m sorry that your parents are spread thin and sometimes you don’t get enough of them. I am not sorry that you will always have forever friends built into your familial unit. I am not sorry that you are learning the dynamic […]

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