Ode to the baby who never gets his naps

January 15, 2014

Why oh why is my baby always crabby???

It couldn’t be because his morning nap was stifled from preschool pickup?!?! It couldn’t be because his afternoon nap lasted a total of five minutes in the car ride over to kindergarten!!?? Why, please tell me, could such a beautiful, happy baby boy become a tyrant around 6pm?!?!

The saga of the nap…
First born’s naps are religiously upheld at all costs. Notes placed on the doorbell to avoid any disruption. A mere phone call could send a mother over the edge…how dare you call during the aforementioned nap time!!!!
Second born doesn’t get the luxury of a morning nap. That convenience is for first borns only. Why did G-d invent the infant carrier if not to allow the second born a nap while at the gym daycare or running errands. Afternoon nap is no joke though. Tiptoeing must be upheld to ensure a proper pm nap. Oh the punishments a first born will suffer if, hypothetically speaking of course, HE were to wake up the sleeping beauty.
Then the bonus baby comes into the picture. Between morning shuffles, afternoon pickups, activities and playdates, the kid is lucky if he can get a spare moment of shut eye. And then we, the adults, have the NERVE to expect him to be in a joyful mood!!! And I thought I might mess this kid up less since I’ve already had a rough draft and final draft with the first two!!!


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