January 29, 2014

When the time comes that all three kiddos are tucked into their beds, I can’t help but feel a giant sigh of relief. Knowing that we have survived another day, everyone relatively unscathed (that is if you don’t count Noah’s tumble down a flight of stairs and the demise of a very admired Bulls sweatshirt – perspective!!!), it is a huge feeling of success. Even more so when I’m running a solo ship.

I didn’t quite realize when I signed up for Adam’s new job being a bi-state commute, that it would also mean frequent business trips to California. As if it wasn’t painful enough – him leaving a job that was a two minute commute for an hour and a half commute. Now he also goes away about every six weeks.

Don’t worry, everything is under control. NOT!!!!

It’s already been a week full of vomit, polar vortex, frozen pipes, etc etc. I’d like to say it’s been unusually challenging but that would completely be a lie. Yes, children don’t puke every week. School doesn’t close every week…although it seems like it lately. It’s just a normal crazy week with a different slew of problems thrown into the mix to keep me on my toes.

Adam comes home tomorrow. At which time he will be beyond exhausted and beyond useless…minus the whole bringing home the cold hard cash part (which I sincerely appreciate in case this blog doesn’t adequately reflect that). I’m clearly not getting a break anytime soon – after all this is motherhood. So tonight I’m going to just sit back, raise a glass to myself who has successfully put three crazy people to sleep and survived the day. And then I’m gonna wake up again tomorrow and try to do it all over again. Wish me luck!




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