The Saga of Snuggles

January 20, 2014

Snuggles, the germ infested, stuffed classroom mascot was almost a goner. After putting a price on his safely recovered head, he was recovered before it was necessary to make the kindergarten teacher aware of his absence. Instead of taking accountability, I blame two groups…

1) The parents before me that have been in possession of this primate.
Instead of including one nice picture of the student with the beloved mascot, there are pages in the journal dedicated to the travels and outings the children have dragged along that ratty stuffed animal. You mean to tell me that those five year olds were responsible enough to bring, hold onto and account for that monkey for every single outing?! I’m thinking…no! So instead those parents complicated their lives by shlepping that thing around and actively taking pictures of it’s every step. I barely can shlep around all my offsprings and do that!!!! Would it have been so wrong for the journal to be written with one picture included?!? “Snuggles enjoyed family movie night.” The end. Thanks a lot parents for setting the bar so high.

2) The teacher.
If it wasn’t bad enough that my child is begging to bring home the real live turtle that she’s offering up, you must also pass along this little germ sespool that has been lugged around to every flipping family outing, sporting event or play date for the last six months. And to be COMPLETELY honest, my child doesn’t have time to leave the house this weekend based on the 3 projects, 3 websites and all the books you’ve assigned “us” to read. When you dreamed up this assignment, did you really expect the kindergarten student to write the seven page journal entry complete with fifty photographs? Or is this yet another example of all the homework I have because of kindergarten????

Well the good news is that Snuggles is in one piece safely tucked in with Drew. And fortunately for me, it’s a three day weekend so I don’t have to complete, I mean Drew doesn’t have to complete the assignment until Tuesday. What a treat this has been for us all 😉


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