I have a firm policy, I will not negotiate with terrorists. The minute, or rather seconds, tears and carrying on starts (i.e. a temper tantrum) I will no longer negotiate common terms. I am immediately standing my ground all cost. And usually the cost is all mine, but it is a philosophy that I wholeheartedly support. There are a lot […]

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She’s got a way about her…

August 31, 2012

Drew recently had a play date with a friend who chronically appears to have a stronger affection for Gabby than Drew. Of course as this friend shows his fondness for Gabby, Drew gets possessive and WAY more in love with his sister than normal. He also seems to get upset that his friend doesn’t feel that way for him. At […]

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10th BFBBQ

August 23, 2012

Ten years of throwing the best barbecue of the summer. The evolution of the BFBBQ has been amazing. The first year it was the party of the century. We went through eight kegs and picked up more beer. Everyone’s friends of friends of friends were in attendance. And as the years have gone by we have had some bad weather […]

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Archaic Traditions

August 6, 2012

I was one of the first of my friends to have a baby. And so many of the things that are now so second nature to me, were so foreign and I didn’t have many close friends to look to that had gone through it first. So when Drew was first born, I shuttered at the thought of him having […]

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Question King

August 1, 2012

Drew, like many other four year olds, has become even more full of questions. Why? Where? How? And although it gets annoying at times, he is also a little sponge and he’s trying to figure everything out. I can’t help but want to come up with the best answers to help educate him. Since being asked to be a ring […]

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It’s innocent, right?

July 24, 2012

I had the subject of guns on my blogging “to do” list and then this horrific tragedy happened in Colorado. I thought no better time than the present to address my concerns about guns. I try to avoid political topics while sometimes bringing up controversial parenting issues. I really hope that I get some feedback on this matter. For Drew’s […]

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Is pink his color?

July 13, 2012

I’ve mentioned my concern for Drew making Gabby too macho, boy-like, not quite pinkalicious, etc etc. What I never really considered is that Gabby’s girly sense would be passed along to Drew. It’s easy for me to speak casually about this subject because Drew is such a boy, I don’t in the slightest bit feel threatened by his interest in […]

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Adjusting is Hard

July 5, 2012

I am the first one (along with my mother and aunt) to get angry with my grandparents when they do something that we deem outside of their realm. We judge the minute they do something that we think is dangerous or inappropriate for someone their age. Yet we really have no idea what it is like to be them. Being […]

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I’m Conflicted (what else is new?!?)

June 28, 2012

I was recently chosen to be a part of a “Green Works Community.” I don’t know if the purpose is for people that have not been exposed to Green Works products to become exposed to them. I, however, am very familiar with the Green Works line. Everyone that was chosen was a fellow “Mommy Blogger” and I think all have […]

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Presents Galore!!!

June 19, 2012

At the beginning of the school year, Drew attended a birthday party where the guest of honor requested that presents come in the form of a donation. I was mortified that the child would miss out on the opportunity to experience the thrill of opening birthday presents. I’m starting to rethink that stance. Before I continue any further I want […]

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