Dear Drew

June 8, 2015

Seven years ago when you came into this world, I had no idea what this journey of parenthood would look like. Together, hand in hand, we are combing through completely uncharted territory for the both of us. From your perspective, I think, I’m doing this like driving a car…something I learned in drivers Ed or something. The truth is most days I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. All I can say is that everything I do for you or to you is fueled by love.

My heart is bursting with love for you. Love for the smart, strong-willed, enthusiastic, loving little boy that I’ve seen go from a little baby who essentially did nothing but eat, sleep and poop to a reading, writing, math machine. To watch a human being grow from a lump of baby to a person is unlike anything.

I may not always do right by you, and you the same to me, but I think it’s part of this journey that we are on together. With each passing year, I am able to understand and like you even more. That is not saying that there aren’t times that my frustration with your actions outshines what I know is really in your heart. 

As we continue on this road of growth together, I thank you for challenging me in ways I didn’t know we’re possible. I thank you for truly teaching me what unconditional love is. I thank you for turning me into a mom which has been my most favorite job ever. I look forward to seeing all the growth you have ahead. The person you are becoming each and everyday is a person I love more each and everyday. 




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