Dear Gabby

June 26, 2016

Six years ago you came into this world in a blink of an eye. Literally…you were born twenty minutes after I ARRIVED at the hospital. That feistiness has carried through these last six years. And although life isn’t always easy, I can very easily slip back into that day you came into this world and changed me forever.

You are the little girl I always wanted. One who has no greater joy in life than a good ‘ole dance party. Despite the fact that our fashion senses may often collide, I cannot tell you how much I admire your will to be your own person. I’m so proud of the confidence and positive attitude you bring to everything you touch. I may not be as confident as you, but one thing that I’m completely confident of is that this confidence and positivity will take you places in life.

I know this year has been full of expectations, restrictions and challenges for you. Learning to exercise restraint has not come easy to you. Your name is Gabby after all. I’m so proud of how hard you’ve worked to learn the appropriate protocol for a full day of public school. Reading, writing and arithmetic has also been a challenge. But the enthusiasm you bring to learning despite how difficult it may be for you, is truly impressive.

I cannot wait to see how my little dancer’s life unfolds. I look forward to seeing you under lights as a student in dance company next year. I am excited to see you learn more, understand more and gain a richer understanding for life in general. I’m so proud of the little lady you are and love you more each day!
Happy birthday my six year old!

Your mommy


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