Breaking Point

January 23, 2013

Five weeks apparently is my threshold. It’s hard to remember where my breaking point was with each of my other babies. For Drew, I remember leaving my six week checkup and crying so hysterically my mom left work and demanded I take a much needed nap. For Gabby, my memories are much cheerier but she was a good sleeper from […]

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JU-V Here We Come!

May 23, 2012

Beware I’m about to have a pity party for myself and you, my readers, are invited to attend. Today Gabby got kicked out of the gym kids’ club for aggressive behavior. And certainly this came at no surprise since she had been getting bad reports, my disgust over the circumstance was not any less. Clearly I have not been very […]

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Dead Woman Walking

March 23, 2012

I always try to be a person of character. That was a strong message my mom always taught me. I may not say or do all the right things but if I try to be honest with myself and do what is right, I can never go wrong. That sometimes means stretching yourself and doing whats uncomfortable just because its […]

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Birthday Blues

December 21, 2011

Every year I dread my birthday. It’s not an age thing, although I’m not pleased about that. It’s more a time thing. My birthday is sandwiched between Christmas and New Years. It’s really the worst time to have a birthday. For the last twelve years, Adam has consistently made my birthday wonderful. He has given me countless amazing presents, thrown […]

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Mommy’s having a meltdown

September 22, 2011

Maybe today was not the day to be giving up coffee. It’s also quite possible that I’m an over-dramatic, hormonal person. Either way you look at it, today was not a good day. It was a very dark day in the land of parenting. It was so dark, getting my job back may not be sufficient. It may take running […]

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July 23, 2011

Kids asleep so I flip on the tv expecting nothing but some crap about some rich lady matchmaking or crazy housewives doing crazy stuff and I stumble upon my youth. I stumble upon a tv show that affected me to the core. Some people reading this may think I’m nuts for letting tv dictate my being but this show, in […]

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Goodbye 2 Year Old!

June 16, 2011

My mom has said from time to time that although she loves the big girl that I’ve become, she misses the baby I once was. I got a taste of that this weekend. My big boy turned three. He’s far from the adult I am but I had some serious sadness as he turned three. Saturday night when I was […]

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

May 25, 2011

After months of reflection, bouncing ideas around, balancing budgets, I was relieved to finally announce to my boss that I had made the decision to stay home and raise my kids. I thought that once I had come clean with my plans that I would be left with only relief and excitement. I never quite anticipated the angst that I […]

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The Plight of a Working Mom

February 11, 2011

I’ve only been working full time for a very short time but I can’t help but feel like it’s a juggling act where all the balls are being thrown/falling on me at once. In efforts to keep the synonyms going, work life balance has been a scale that there is constantly a deficit in one area. Recently it has been […]

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Tutor Needed

January 14, 2011

Like a bat out of hell the child runs across the room, scratches the boy’s face, pulls the girl’s hair and then gives his teacher a hug. What do you do with that child? Years before I was a mother I heard parents say things like parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have. My thoughts to follow were always […]

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