Failing Out

July 20, 2016

I was never a school person. In my youth, I wasn’t a good test taker. I would always study longer than most and get a worse grade then most. It’s not a lack of intelligence. Clearly you can tell from my blogs how brilliant I am ;). It’s just that some people excel at reading a textbook and taking a multiple choice test and some people just don’t. Give me an essay and I’ll blast that out of the park. Have me present in front of a group, and I’ll be just fine.


So now that I finished high school and got my degree (a mighty good one I might add) from college, I thought my study years were beyond me. I was wrong.

I subscribe to the theory that anything worth something to you, is worth working for. The harder the challenge, the sweeter the victory. I can keep going with empowering cliches that I do actually believe in. Not to mention that I have to believe people less smart than I am have been able to pull this off. You can see where my general “can do” attitude pays off here. However, all the cliches in the world aren’t going to help me pass my national certification for group fitness.

It was important and difficult to cram for tests when my parents’ money was on the line and I had all day, everyday to study. Now it’s even more important with my money, THREE kids and NO time!!!

So remember that time where every night was filled with travel baseball games and you couldn’t put your kids to bed until at least 9pm? Oh yeah, that’s been this summer – most days. So is that the time when I’m supposed to get my most valuable studying in? Between 9-10 just before I hit the hay and start the madness of my day all over again? Except…I just remembered that I have to teach a class early the next morning so I better prep for that. There goes that one hour of empty time I almost had. Wah wah!!! Lucky for you, I found some time in my otherwise chaotic day to explain how very hectic my life is. I better finish up here so I can study!

I know I CAN do, I know I WANT to do it…it’s just harder than I remember.
Part of me chose a business major because there was no science. And until I met Finance (no surprise to Adam or my parents) the curriculum fit me despite the difficulty. This, on the other hand, has all the science I avoided. I do, on the other hand, feel much more passionate for the overlying subject matter – fitness.

So tell me how I, not a student by nature, poor test taker with zero to little time, am going to pass this?!?! And the only thing I have on the line is my newfound career, oh and a few dollars. Wish me luck!!!!


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