My New Friend

June 3, 2013

To the lady who was described as having out of control kids that she cannot handle, I salute you. There’s either two ways she lives with her current situation; she is giving her kids all she has and still can’t seem to grasp her unruly children or she is at a place where she is content with the way things […]

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Still Booby Lady

May 7, 2013

Not long ago I was bitching and moaning about my ongoing nursing issues and my friend asked me point blank…why not stop? Why not make it easier on yourself? Hm…there’s a thought. Noah is nearing five months and I am still going strong. I’ve actually gotten myself in a very nice rhythm where I’m minimally put out by it and […]

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Revised Cinderella

May 3, 2013

Two and a half years of training Gabby to be my little princess (or “ya-ya” as the case may be) has done me well. And low and behold she is a card carrying member of the Princess Club. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t over think it…just a bit. Gabby’s biggest obsession has been for Cinderella, a fine choice […]

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The Leash

April 24, 2013

Yesterday we got a Parents Manual to Drew’s camp in the mail. Panic rose over me from the tips of my hair to the bottom of my feet. Was it the thought of packing lunches five days a week? I do despise packing lunches but that wasn’t it. Was it picking him up at 2:45 during Gabby’s naptime? Doesn’t exactly […]

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Weighing In

April 17, 2013

I fought the fight for three solid months that I was not going to give in and my baby was going to be exclusively breastfed. It wasn’t until the second month in a row where my little butterball was lacking in butter that I caved. It might have had something to do with the doctor looking at me with those […]

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The Value of a Dollar

April 3, 2013

Drew has a constant NEED. He needs an unbelievable amount of sports jerseys. He’s not even particular. He’ll take any team and any player. They do need to have a number on the back, which frequently adds to the price tag of his NEED. We have recently started facilitating a “Responsibility Chart” which spells out his required tasks (make bed, […]

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Can I take ME out of this equation?

April 2, 2013

My last few blogs about my youngest have been more optimistic. I mentioned the joys of reaching that 3 month milestone without fear of returning to my job, I mentioned that we are seeing more smiles and overall (knock on wood) I am experiencing at least a couple nights a week of more than less sleep. Then, like most things […]

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Hard Headed?

March 21, 2013

Parenting is full of such highs and lows. Today, coming off of yesterday, I’m on a high. Not because I had a good night’s sleep – heck, that was when I worked up this attitude, in my awake nighttime hours. It’s not because I haven’t had to take away one of Drew’s most prized possessions due to bad behavior, because […]

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Am I failing?

March 20, 2013

She might as well have said that I’m starving my child. Tears started streaming down my face and no amount of blinks could hold back the disaster I was about to become. She asked if I had family to lean on…um, I’m leaning on them about as much as humanly possible and I still can’t pull this off!!! Those were […]

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Crazy People on the Loose!

March 13, 2013

Not sure if you got the memo, but 4-1/2 and 2-1/2 year olds are big kids. They can constantly “I do myself” or “I walk myself.” In all do fairness, Drew doesn’t talk like that AND he is getting a little large for me to pick him up, let alone squeeze his long legs into the front of a shopping […]

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