Is pink his color?

July 13, 2012

I’ve mentioned my concern for Drew making Gabby too macho, boy-like, not quite pinkalicious, etc etc. What I never really considered is that Gabby’s girly sense would be passed along to Drew.

It’s easy for me to speak casually about this subject because Drew is such a boy, I don’t in the slightest bit feel threatened by his interest in “playing girls” or flaunting some of Gabby’s goods. I can’t say the same thing about Adam.

I feel pretty confident that no parent wants their child to be transgender and go through all the struggles that go with that. I completely understand and am compassionate that there may be a fear that your child may prefer the other sex’s clothes, shoes, etc. if they start wearing them around the house.

But why is it completely acceptable for a girl to be tomboy-ish and the minute a boy shows any interest in girl stuff they are shunned? Why would anyone refuse a boy a play kitchen? Why would it be unacceptable for Drew to play waiter in a pink apron with a barrette in his hair? Why is that so threatening to “some” people (mainly men…and in this case ADAM).

I’m pretty sure nobody “became” gay from their sister influencing them through pinkalicious gear. I’m pretty sure that you could deny pink gear until the end of time and if someone is gay, they will still be gay in blue without a barrette in their hair.

I welcome this change in our household. I am glad to see that Gabby is having an influence and not being stampeded over by baseball and hockey per usual. I’m glad that Drew is open minded enough to explore his creative side and pretend. I am glad that our house is becoming a place of diversity – i.e. not just sports 24/7.

So maybe I’m the one who has the double standard. I work so hard to make Gabby girly. What if that is just not her style? What if she is a tomboy who prefers blue to pink? I am saying this and I do hope you, my dear reader, hears the magnitude of what I’m trying to say. I am completely, without a doubt, unequivocally more than happy with that if that is the case. I just don’t want her to be blindly hypnotized, peer pressured into Drew’s way of life. Partially because I love all the girly stuff and want a companion to experience it with, partially because that kind of play is far more natural to me, and partially because I have enough boy and sports going on in this house.

I love my kids for whoever they are. I support whatever they want to do. I mean, if I can accept being a tee ball mom…I can accept anything, right 🙂

3 thoughts on “Is pink his color?

  1. I think it’s wonderful that Drew is playing girly stuff with Gabby. This gives Gabby the opportunity to see that girly stuff can be fun too. Good luck.

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