JU-V Here We Come!

May 23, 2012

Beware I’m about to have a pity party for myself and you, my readers, are invited to attend. Today Gabby got kicked out of the gym kids’ club for aggressive behavior. And certainly this came at no surprise since she had been getting bad reports, my disgust over the circumstance was not any less. Clearly I have not been very […]

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Terror Part II

May 18, 2012

I’ve been talking about the need to “soften” Gabby up and have her reconnect with her girly side. Unfortunately the saga continues. The last three times I have picked her up from the gym childcare area, they have complained about her aggressiveness. She was supposed to be the good one! I would almost like to say she has a hitting […]

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Code Pink Emergency

May 15, 2012

Houston we have a problem! There is no doubt that Drew is a boy’s boy. He has no interests that are even slightly unisex. It’s sports 24/7, he pretty much has zero interest in girls or girls’ activities (with one minor girl exception) and he seems to relate to the male parties in our family WAY more than the female […]

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I’m calling off birthdays!!!!!!!

May 4, 2012

This last week was spent full of birthday celebrations. Adam’s birthday makes a Polish wedding look like a short celebration. And although I’m grateful to put this eating out to an end, its been a ton of fun despite one minor (well major issue). All year long, Drew celebrates a variety of different people’s birthdays. Whenever we start discussing the […]

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Moody Mary

April 25, 2012

After three nights of little to no sleep due to this cold/allergy thing I have going on, I was less than thrilled to open my sleep deprived eyes to discover a rainy, gloomy day. It was one of those days were I NEED to call in sick and stay in bed all day watching movies. When you are a stay […]

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Back to the Basics

April 23, 2012

Last week was a tough week. It was a storm of temper tantrums – some of which I felt that I had properly conquered and some of which I had not. Then the weekend hit. And I suddenly realized that temper tantrums are a day in the park compared to true discipline problems. It’s funny how soon I forget. At […]

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Did I actually conquer a tantrum?????

April 10, 2012

I don’t think there are really any winners when it comes to temper tantrums. But if there were, I’m pretty sure I would have come up on top for this one. Certainly not because it didn’t exist, I have two toddlers temper tantrums are clearly part of the territory. Definitely not because it wasn’t excruciating, so much so that I […]

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King of Potchky

April 2, 2012

I live with the King of Potchky. It’s almost as if at the slightest mention of moving his body faster, his body inadvertently (or extremely purposely as the case may be) starts moving even slower! In case you are unfamiliar with the word potchky, it is a yiddish word that has always meant something similar to dilly dally in my […]

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Trio Outing

March 30, 2012

When today’s play date got cancelled my first inclination was to hit up Lifetime, per usual, and get a good workout in. As Drew’s tears increased with the cancellation of the play date, I realized Lifetime’s Kids Club just wasn’t going to cut it. So next I considered harassing a variety of different people for alternate play dates. Instead I […]

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I Have 2 Kids

March 29, 2012

She sleeps in a crib, wears diapers and unfortunately still drinks formula. For all intensive purposes, Gabby is still a baby. But she has become so much more than a baby. Today I took her to the dentist with Drew and she has overnight turned into a bonafide child. When did it happen? Drew’s infancy, babyhood and toddler times are […]

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