Teacher Appreciation

May 24, 2012

As our school days are numbered, there is a sadness that is settling over me that is reminiscent to the last two years of Drew’s education.

Just before Drew turned two, we switched schools. The teachers he had at his first school were supposedly going to follow him to the upcoming year too. Our departure from that school was filled with tears and sadness of leaving teachers that had been so devoted to him and his education. We left that school feeling like we would never find teachers equivalent.

Last year was filled with lots of ups and downs. With a new baby in our midst – there were behavioral issues, transition problems and communication barriers. Plus, he became fully potty trained. It was a huge year in the spectrum of his life. His teachers were patient, understanding and we all learned together how to adjust to his needs. Upon the completion of the year, we felt that we could never find teachers that worked with us more!

This year, although we had some changes with our move and me being a stay at home mom, was a less drastic year for Drew. He is doing some key skills better, he has learned to overcome some social challenges, and his attention span is much better. But last year he legitimately went from baby to toddler.

The difference is that this year, he became a legitimate student. He has classroom responsibilities (jobs of the day), rituals when he comes into class (wash hands, sign it, etc), and his education follows more of a curriculum format. His day is matching a scholastic schedule more so than a babysitting one.

There are always a period of time when teachers must learn how much the parents need from them and parents must adjust to what the teachers expect from them. Now that we have made it through everything in this school year, I feel very uneasy about leaving these teachers who have merged to be apart of my support system for managing my son. I feel that I have grown with these teachers in ways that Drew has too. It’s a vulnerable feeling to have to start a school year all over again without my right hand men (Drew’s teachers).

If I’ve learned nothing from my years gone by, I seem to consistently fall for Drew’s teachers so I’m sure next year will be no different. But each year I go through the devastation over losing Drew’s…ours…my teachers. And this year is no different. How will I go on without Miss Nancy and Miss Amy?!?!

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