Code Pink Emergency

May 15, 2012

Houston we have a problem! There is no doubt that Drew is a boy’s boy. He has no interests that are even slightly unisex. It’s sports 24/7, he pretty much has zero interest in girls or girls’ activities (with one minor girl exception) and he seems to relate to the male parties in our family WAY more than the female ones. It’s pretty much been this way since birth. So you can imagine my joy with having a girl. But Houston we have a problem!

Gabby idolizes her brother. She wants to play with him all the time. She wants to do everything he wants to do. She wants to wear the clothes he wants to wear. And with every passing day, I feel the pinkalicious slipping away. I even find her relating more to other boys because that’s what’s familiar to her.

I have tried infusing every bit of princess power, pink paraphernalia, and girly gear but I feel her slipping away. Today while walking through the Nordstrom’s shoe section, a section where most women find their female spirit, she was singing Bear Down! I feel as though I’m on an estrogen island all by myself in this house.

So this is my plea, frankly I’m downright begging…anyone who dare bring anything into my house, with Gabby in mind, please make sure it is girly and pink. It’s a requirement. The fact that she feels more comfortable handling a hockey stick than a purse is disturbing.

Ok, ok I may be exaggerating a bit. She does have a strong inclination for shoes, mainly BOOOOOOOOT. She does love all her baby dolls and her kitchen. All very promising facts to this sad story. But that just goes to show at what a critical place we are here. This story can go south so easily. I’m hanging on by a thread. I’m elevating this situation to a code pink emergency situation. Hopefully we will come out on the right side of the situation – the pink side!

7 thoughts on “Code Pink Emergency

  1. A color does not describe a person. My daughter has always been a Tom-boy. Yes, I tried to push the “girly” stuff in the beginning. But it became clear that she wanted to play baseball, watch hockey and football, dig in the dirt and hang with the boys. She’s never been interested in dollies, the kitchen we consider a very manly thing because my husband is a huge “foodie” and spends more time in that room than I do. we both like to cook, but it is his passion, and I would never consider it girly or pink. In the end your daughter will become the person she’s going to be. Pink, blue, yellow or orange. As a parent you just have to allow her to. She will be girly in her own way.

    My daughter continues to be a Tom-boy and is probably just as rough and tough as any 9 year old boy. But she also has a girly side…that’s if you consider competitive figure skating “girly”….but there she falls, get bumps and bruises that turn black and blue. So really….what is girly?

  2. I guess I’ll revise my requests…as long as she wears a tutu with a matching bow, it can be whatever color 🙂

    Seriously, I think I wouldn’t care as much if Drew weren’t soooo one track mind/obsessed. And…I felt like I finally had someone on my side! I definitely want her to love him and be who she wants to be, but I want to feel a little less like I’m alone in a sports world!!!
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  3. Ok, the teacher in me wants to tell you to give her creative freedom and allow her to flourish into the person she is choosing to be…but the new mom in me who dresses her 6 month old in a purple tutu and headband with an oversized bow says your living my biggest fear!! I always tell the parents of my students to let their children dress however they want, pajamas to school, unmatching prints and colors, as long as they are happy! “Pick your battles”! But I love to dress my little Baby Doll! It’s so fun. As long as she is picking out a tutu, crown, and wand to wear to school, then I will give her all the creative freedom she needs!:)

    • Amy,
      I love your comment! I think it’s so true! So many of my feelings have changed from the theories I had before kids to the actions I have with kids. Although, I absolutely whole heartedly believe in your teacher attitude…I mean you MUST have seen Drew in his Blackhawks outfit that he wore every day during the winter months!!! And I think I would be able to relax on the whole situation if it weren’t for the boy overload in this house already. I think Gabby just needs to hang out with more girls like Sadie, those that embrace their inner Princess!!! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Sports are my life…I hope I came out ok!!! Live it up! She is a cutie pie who will grow into her own….I think she is adorable no matter what/who she wants to be/look like!!!

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