A WEEK?!?!

August 7, 2013

Next week I am going to do the unthinkable. I am going to forgo the gym for some family quality time. It is our only full week without camp or school, so I decided to take the time to participate in some summer fun activities. I’d like to say it’s because I am SUCH a good mom that I am […]

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My child is not going to have any friends!!!

August 5, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from another mom saying that her son talks about my son all the time and wants to have a play date. Huh???? You talking about my kid?!?! So let me understand you correctly, my kid talked about poop and farts so much that he made your kid laugh. Your kid came […]

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Plus Three Equals Five

July 30, 2013

A friend of mine just had her third child and I found myself reminiscing. I’m not sure at this point that I’d like to go back to December 20 but I’m finally so very happy with where we are…as a family of five. /> These seven months have been intense. There have been many beautiful moments. But to say that […]

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My Kiddos

July 26, 2013

Sometimes, usually when my kids are fast asleep, I think about how great they are. No I haven’t ingested an illegal substance or fallen off my rocker. I really think they are great. It’s no secret, raising kids is HARD. I’m exhausted all the time. Keeping everything in order is taxing in a way I can’t even articulate. Disciplining is […]

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War Zone!!!!

July 23, 2013

Sometimes it feels like I’ve survived a war by the time I actually am done getting the kids to bed. It’s not necessarily because the day was so ridiculously hard, which it was. It is usually because that last hour before the kids finally resign to the fact that they are going to sleep is so horrendously miserable that I […]

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Third Child Syndrome (Part 1)

July 12, 2013

For awhile I’ve joked that anytime Noah starts to make signs of working towards crawling, I flip him over to keep him away from becoming mobile. Unfortunately, there’s some truth to that. I’m scared. How can I possibly handle three mobile beings? But now that he’s a mere eight days away from the seven month mark, I’m starting to feel […]

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July 11, 2013

Why is it that every two/three year old reaches a point where their brain says “no, I don’t need a nap today” but their body says “YES, I need sleep!!!” When Drew finally gave up his nap, he never looked back. He would destroy his room and disturb his sleeping sister, so it became clear cut that “quiet time” would […]

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Dear Gabby,

June 26, 2013

Happy 3rd birthday to my beautiful, smart, spunky little person. I know this has been a hard and exciting year for you. You had to learn to share your mommy with our new baby, but you have also learned to be a little mommy to our baby. The love and enthusiasm you give to Noah is so sweet and special. […]

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It’s a Birthday Nightmare!!!

June 19, 2013

Why do I do this to myself? Do I suffer from such inner conflict that I purposely try to inflict pain on myself? This upcoming weekend I am having close to 50 kids at my house for a joint (Gabby and Drew) birthday party. Why would any human being do that to themself? Am I above a facility with moonwalks […]

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The Joys of Camp

June 17, 2013

There’s something about sun kissed cheeks, chlorine filled hair and the overwhelming sent of sunscreen that makes you really feel like summer is here. It’s those scents that put me back to those days filled with too much sun, bug juice and raisin-like fingers…a.k.a. camp. Today was the first day of camp for my two eldest kids. As much as […]

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