What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

August 12, 2013

As if days spent like this, were nothing but sheer bliss…

And the only exercise I was getting was when I carried my five year old up a flight of stairs for a time out (why aren’t I working out this week?? Click here).

Then my husband decides to up and scoot to Cali for “work.” Was the concept of mom not going to the gym all week in lieu of spending QT with the kiddos enough to get him on the first plane out of town?!?!

To make matters worse, you throw a whole contaminated water bit my way?!?! Have I done something to deserve this??? Was it because I was diluted enough to procreate not once but three times??? Was it because I was nervy enough to say I would make it a full week away from the gym and destiny wants to test me to see at what lengths I will go to NOT surrender to that challenge.

This is what I say to those expecting me to break down and be at the 9:45 class…I will not break course. Sure fecal matter in the water supply may sound like a good reason to rush to the gym to shower if nothing less. Yes the absence of a fellow adult in my house without a single break could cause a desire to run on the treadmill at 9.0. And most certainly my nerves will be completely shot in about one more day. But I vow to not faulter from the goal at hand. We will have a week of summer fun if it, so help me, kills me while trying!!!!

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