Plus Three Equals Five

July 30, 2013

A friend of mine just had her third child and I found myself reminiscing. I’m not sure at this point that I’d like to go back to December 20 but I’m finally so very happy with where we are…as a family of five.


These seven months have been intense. There have been many beautiful moments. But to say that every single second of Noah’s life has been filled with joy would be a lie that I think mothers better than I would tell. That doesn’t mean, and I truly mean this, that I would change anything.

Seven months later we are finally in a groove. I feel dramatically more confident at managing all three. That being said I’m pretty sure I’m not ready for a solo trip to the waterpark with these monsters, probably not even the local pool for that matter. I can, however, tackle an afternoon at home and even manage to cook a meal. Ooh ahhh, impressive huh?

It’s taken me seven months to have absolutely no idea whose name is whose. I consider that an improvement. For the first seven months I couldn’t remember the baby’s name period. Now I call Drew, Noah. He’s showing up on the radar!!! Phew!

Life has resumed some semblance of normal. Laundry is completed in a reasonable time frame, pots and pans are being used again and there is reserve toilet paper and paper towels in the closets.

The biggest thing of all is that my heart feels full. No, I’m not talking about my arms from carrying Noah and Gabby simultaneously. No, I’m not talking about my brain which seems completely full and incapable of storing anymore knowledge including the color shirt Drew must wear on Wednesday. My heart, that thing in my chest that always loved these three amazing little beings before I even knew them. And that makes me so happy for my friend, even knowing that she has the next seven months ahead of her 🙂

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