It’s a Birthday Nightmare!!!

June 19, 2013

Why do I do this to myself? Do I suffer from such inner conflict that I purposely try to inflict pain on myself? This upcoming weekend I am having close to 50 kids at my house for a joint (Gabby and Drew) birthday party. Why would any human being do that to themself?

Am I above a facility with moonwalks that facilitates a party? Heck no. Am I too cool to embrace an oldie but goodie bowling party? Absolutely not. Then why, there’s got to be a reason that I would cause this sort of torture to myself. It’s borderline self mutilation.

Possibly in a sleep deprived haze or a confused moment where I was juggling too many kids, I thought this would be a good idea. We have a nice, big backyard. Gabby doesn’t really have enough friends to have her own bash, not to mention the friends that she does have are pretty much all boys and her interests are all girly related. And Drew wanted a sports birthday party. Not many places do outdoor birthday parties. At least this was the rationale I gave myself.

So here I am T minus four until this kid party extravaganza is taking place. There has been looming forecasts suggesting rain…that will soooo NOT work! Extreme heat is mentioned, I am having a sweaty panic attack just thinking about having 50 kids in my backyard and it’s not 88 degrees out. And my normally present husband is in some other state, completely unable to help with the laundry list of tasks! This party has potential to be the best or the worse idea I have ever had.

I’m on go mode. Goodie bags need to be stuffed, tables/chairs need to be picked up, beverages and snacks need to be purchased…go, go, go! I just need to make it to Monday, did I really just say that?

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